Patient Testimonial: Help for Addictions, Stress and Mood related problems

"When I went to see Jonny I was so lost in life. However I didn’t even realise it. I thought things were okay, I was full of confidence and had a successful business.

Working with Jonny has been utterly life changing. With the amazing powers of herbs we have explored how my mind and body are linked, helping me see how my actions influence my health. After 6 months of working with Jonny and his herbs I now realise I didn’t know myself at all. What I saw as extreme (fun) behaviours were chronic addictions and harmful coping mechanisms.

I was miserable, on anti-depressants, skipping all social invites, getting high and being consumed by many addictive tendencies. My addictions have massively reduced with the help of herbs and Jonny referring me to a local psychotherapist he trusts. I foresee a time in the future when I can truly leave all of my addictive coping mechanisms behind. The progress I have made so far is fantastic but I still have work to do with Jonny and my psychotherapist.

It’s amazing how he checks on your physical ailments and links them to mental ones. With each consultation he gives you a prescription of herbs, each herb has a specific task specific to your need, be it physical, mental or both. Each time he ‘steps up’ your medicine, opening more ‘boxes’ of trauma or emotions and taking you further on a journey. He can do things your doctor could only dream of. I will only go to a doctor now if I break a bone. The rest I see Jonny. However I’m convinced with his medicine I won’t be developing any physical ailments till the day I die an old man. I have recommended him to everyone, 5 people have followed it up and all 5 are delighted they did. They all still have regular consultations and watching their transformation is a joy. Call Jonny and start your journey of healing.

Jonny and his herbs will be with me forever, he’s truly saved my life and I believe with every prescription he gives me I feel healthier, happier and stronger.

Thanks Jonny."

Tom Greatorex


This patient has continuously worked very hard to understand more about why he has developed so many addictive coping mechanisms over the years. Exploration of emotions has been key as well as supporting the body with herbs in dealing with stress. He has made great progress in a short space of time and is now engaging with men's work and men's support groups to develop himself even more. 

Jonny Woodall
Medical Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist
BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine
National Institute of Medical Herbalists

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