Where are you based?

I run face-to-face clinics in Sheffield and Manchester. Our follow-up appointments in Sheffield can always be held face-to-face, whereas in Manchester I always offer the first appointment face-to-face with video link follow-ups. Medicine is then posted.

I also offer online/video-link consultations to patients elsewhere in the UK, Europe and the World. I have had patients consult with me from Germany, Austria, Portugal and China. Medicine is always posted.

Why are you charging for medicine?

Currently the UK government does not include herbal medicine as a therapy funded within the NHS. This means that medical herbalist's have to charge for their services. 

My University of Lincoln degree took 3 years to complete and cost me approximately £30,000. For the ongoing cost of paying this back, earning a living and being able to pay room rent, dispensary costs and many other overheads I have to charge for my services.

I do however take pride in offering concessions to those who need it. I don't believe anybody should be turned away because of cost. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

Unfortunately I cannot offer a guarantee that your treatment will work. If you are unhappy with the service and would like to complain then please contact me so I can rectify anything at the earliest opportunity. Most people come to me following a recommendation. Evidence for the use and efficacy of herbal medicine can be found at Green Med Info, where study abstracts on herbs have been collected showing their therapeutic value in medicine. 

For peace of mind in regards to my practice of herbal medicine please see the reviews on the Facebook page - Jonny's Apothecary

Are there any side effects?

Herbs are, in general, very safe and often have no side effects. It is more likely that any reaction to herbs will be an allergic one but this is rare and unlikely you or I will know beforehand whether you actually are allergic.

Is it safe to take herbs alongside my medication?

Herbal medicine can interact with pharmaceutical medicine but I always check the relevant material to research that the prescription I choose is safe for you to take alongside medication.

If herbal medicine worked then it would be used by the NHS right?

There is plenty of research on the evidence base for herbal medicine found at PubMed and Green Med Info. Articles, studies and human trials are being submitted daily. 

Answering this question would involve a lengthy discussion on history, capitalism and the scientific process which focuses on reductionism as a point of trying to explain how things work. 

Ultimately medical herbalists work holistically in ways that confuse scientists and the NHS.

There is also a debate involved with the patent of pharmaceutical medication versus the impossibility of patenting nature. Meaning herbal medicine is owned by no one. It is the 'peoples' medicine. As such, pharmaceutical medicine can be owned by corporations and sold at prices far exceeding what a herbal remedy would be sold for. 

Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully covered by Balen's Insurance against indemnity and malpractice

Are you a member of a governing body or council?

Yes, I am a fully paid member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (MNIMH), the oldest professional membership organisation for qualified medical herbalists in the UK. I am currently being mentored by a medical herbalist with decades of experience whilst undergoing the new member scheme with NIMH. 

I have to abide by a code of ethics and rules. 

Can you treat my animal?

No. A medical herbalist is not trained to treat animals and it is actually illegal for me to do so. There are vets who are trained in herbal medicine for animals.

Do you have a data policy?

As an insured, accredited and qualified herbalist I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and have to abide by the EU’s General Data Protection Policy (GDPR). Your information is not shared with a third party.

Cynara scolymus  (Globe Artichoke) - A herbal medicine used for liver and gallbladder issues
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