4th August 2019 - Severe depression, anxiety, Post-traumatic stress disorder and fatigue

“When I first came to Jonny for treatment I had quite severe depression and really unpredictable energy levels. I had lost all confidence from having such a low mood and my business had taken the brunt of me never being able to find enough energy to carry out the work that needed to be done. I was also battling with PTSD from a couple of past experiences, amongst which included grief. All in all I wasn't in a good way and I couldn't imagine how vastly the treatment I received would change my life for the better. I still don't to this day even really understand how it worked and am still finding small clues that I am continuing on an upward trajectory months after the treatment has ended. It really has been quite magical.

It has taken me quite a long time to write my testimonial as I have found it hard to put into words the amazing care that Jonny puts into his work and also how grateful I am for his ongoing support. I have gone from being totally lost in the dark to having a warm, bright light shine into all areas of my life that has come from all the plants along the journey.

It took a little while of calming my body down out of its highly stressed state and then slowly the treatments evolved into giving me physical strength and confidence to carry on. Each month a different collection of plants to cater to the changing landscape. I have now managed to move out of depression and I no longer suffer from PTSD. And as for my energy levels, well I have managed to set up my business to be more functional, creative and abundant than ever before!

Alongside the monthly therapy I had with Jonny I also went to a weekly counsellor to talk through everything that was coming up through the process of healing. I would highly reccomend doing this as it meant I was constantly healing each emotion and pattern, confronting it all head on. Jonny is a very good person to talk to; he is warm, open and understanding of even the smallest experiences you might feel you need to talk about. He really understands how to work with the herbs in a unique way for each person, to bring you out of your shell and direct you on a path that brings you into alignment with yourself.”


13th July, 2019 - Depression, low body temperature and irregular periods

“I had pushed myself to the limits - I had become volatile, sad, depressed and hopeless. Miserable. Really, it wasn’t fun to be alive, every day I was afraid of myself. What doom would I bring upon myself or those around me? Physically, I always felt cold (even during the summer time), my periods had become irregular as well as the fact that I had become too skinny. 

A friend told me about herbal medicine. I was curious. I am a firm believer that conventional and complementary treatments can work well together, that way a person has more choice and freedom over their health. This time, the conventional way wasn’t helping me, I wasn’t taken seriously. That’s when I got in touch with Jonny, I needed my health and sanity back.

Jonny is extremely knowledgeable, non-judgmental, but still firm in his approach. He is what one imagines, when one thinks of a wise health practitioner. Jonny usually explains how a herb works, which might appeal and reassure those who are more sceptical of herbalism. It can feel liberating to be aware what truly is in the medicine (tincture, tea, powder) you consume. 

It’s been 2 years now. The journey has lead me to feel more self acceptance, a increased warmer body, slow but steady weight gain and a lot more happier outlook on life. When my mood dips, I don’t destroy my relationships, I don’t quit my job, I don’t self harm. I am able to put on a nice upbeat song and dance my way out of the blues. I dance and stretch again! I love my job, I am able to express myself to the people around me, if something is wrong. My journey is not over, I am getting better and better every day, and there’s still space for more improvement.

I am amazed by the power of the herbs.

I can only be thankful and grateful to Jonny and the Herbs.”

Eve (UK)

6th July, 2019 - Anxiety, Depression, weight-loss and confidence

“Before I started working with Jonny, I had dropped out of university and generally felt miserable about my life in general, that I wasn’t going anywhere and was wasting my talents, but I was stuck in a rut I couldn’t get out of. No self confidence, unhappy with my physical or mental states, I never really felt comfortable talking about myself and my problems to anyone, so I kept it inside most of the time.

Initially I was sceptical about seeing Jonny but I’m glad my worries were baseless. The herbal medicines he gave me were tailored to my symptoms and changed month to month as my treatment progressed.

Since I started working with Jonny, taking the time to do the simple and sensible things he recommended, taking the herbal medicines that he made specifically for me and exploring honestly the reasons why I think and act the way I do, I feel like I’ll actually be able to take the next steps in life and not just wishing that I could: university, a proper career, overcoming deeply ingrained bad habit loops that stop me meeting new people and doing new things.

Jonny managed to get me to open up about things I’ve hidden for years, things that formed the bedrock of my anxieties and fears. Now, I finally am able to recognise and deal with them as they come up: the habits are hard to break, but I am finally equipped mentally to overcome them.

Jonny is so easy to talk to, I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I was saying in our consultations. It’s not easy to admit your failings, but he has a great empathy for people and helps you use those negative experiences as learning opportunities, not the failures you think they are.

I’m going back to university in September, have lost lots of weight and generally am feeling more confident in myself and my abilities than I can ever remember. I have clear goals and career ambitions for the first time, not just a vague outline of a plan that I could use to put off actually thinking about it. I’m glad that Jonny was recommended to me and I would recommend him to you.”

Chris Meredith (UK)

15th June, 2019 - Digestive disturbance including pain, belching. Cold legs and difficulty getting to sleep

“I first saw Jonny in January, 2019. His gentle yet analytical approach enabled me to sort through the maze of issues i was facing so that the most pressing problems were brought to the surface to be dealt with. I have had severe belching for years. This occurs usually as I settle down to sleep. It can continue for 2 hours and sometimes longer. Although changing my diet can alleviate the symptoms, it does not remove them. That is until I used Jonny’s herbs and my symptoms subsided dramatically. I still experience belching but is only usually now after eating too late or consuming inappropriately sized meals. It is however, a huge relief.
I have also suffered from cold legs for years. The coldness used to begin above my sacrum, spread across my buttocks and down my legs stopping at my ankles. It wasn’t circulation. It wasn’t temperature. I have had this symptom in Greece in 90 degrees! The coldness is much worse at night and prevents me sleeping as it brings with it a feeling of restlessness and irritation. When I met Jonny other treatments had reduced the extent of the coldness so that it appeared centred in my calves. After taking Jonny’s herbs I rarely experience this disturbing feeling now,
As I write, although the relief from the other symptoms I have described has been immense, there is no richer feeling than lying down in my comfy bed, closing my eyes, and sleeping almost immediately.
That is what the herbs have enabled me to do.”

Pam Hardy (UK)

3rd June, 2019 - Low Mood

“I contacted Jonny under the guise of suffering with very swollen lower legs but during my first consultation I found myself talking about how low my mood was. Jonny made me feel so comfortable that I talked and cried freely.  He nudged me to explore why topics brought out particular emotions and encouraged me to consider why these were triggers. Quickly we recognised how my fear and reluctance to make changes to myself challenged the role others expect of me. During my first few months of treatment I drew courage from the supportive (but challenging) space of Jonny’s consultations and made significant changes including changing my job. I no longer feel like a square peg in a round hole. The impact has been noticeable especially within the toxic relationships that I was able to recognise and change my reaction to. 

In short I have been able to reflect on my issues in a supportive environment and make changes that I felt in control of but never thought that I would have the courage to make. 

Thank you” 

Amy (UK)

29th April, 2019 - Absent/Irregular Periods and low mood

“I went to see Jonny after looking for a herbalist for a few months.  I'd tried a range of conventional and complementary treatments for absent/irregular periods. My condition was affecting my mood, attitude and skin and I was keen to explore a fresh approach.

Jonny's passion for the power of herbal medicine is beautiful to witness and made me feel confident in the process. I was advised at the start of our consultation that it would likely be an emotional and potentially lengthy journey. A year on I can say that this was very true and I've learnt a lot about myself along the way. I've had a dramatic improvement in my periods and my hormone balance. I've also let go of some past hurts and feel more open to adventure, love and new paths.

I found the consultations to be an opportunity to explore my current choices, relationships and beliefs and how this may link to the symptoms I was experiencing. Jonny explained how my condition may have developed as a result of life events and my attitude towards myself and others.  He also explained how each of the plants/herbs used would impact on my system by telling me their unique qualities. I found this part of the consultations really helpful and interesting. The tinctures prescribed were taken twice a day and their effects were felt both physically and emotionally. I also tried some tea made from a variety of herbs and flowers.

I enjoyed the process of personal consultations and found that a slight adjustment in each new tincture enabled changes in my system as well as new insights. I'm currently enjoying a more regular cycle, clearer skin and lower blood pressure. I'm sure the process will be ongoing and I trust that things will continue to improve for me.

I'd recommend Jonny if you are seeking plant medicine for absent or irregular periods; he is an expert in his work and will support you along your journey with empathy and understanding.”


18th April, 2019 - Depression, Suspected Oestrogen dominance and post-traumatic-injury rehabilitation 

“My journey with Jonny started a long time before I took the first medicine. A very good friend of mine told me months before, how great her results with the herbs were. That the herbs changed her whole life and that she never wants to be without them again. But being a very skeptical person in general, I first didn’t believe her. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe HER but more that I couldn’t imagine how herbs should change your life this way. For us lawyers things must be logical, explainable and most important rational. But that’s what herbs are not - for sure. 

By the time I was listening to my friends success story with the herbs and her experiences, I found myself in the worst situation of my life. I had just survived a severe motorcycle accident and was struggling with pretty much everything in my life. I was in a huge deep depression - not meeting anybody, not talking to anybody, and worst of all I was physically and mentally in a very bad condition. After I hit rock bottom I finally decided to contact Jonny because I thought it couldn’t get any worse anyway. The first magical thing of many that happened just within our first meeting was - that I trust that this person 100%. And believe me, trust is an issue with me. :) 

Our first consultation was maybe one hour and I talked like we knew each other for years. Jonny has an understanding and a very good sense for people - their needs and their problems. He really feels your situation even though it’s maybe a female thing. He knew right away what I was suffering and tried to feel into my situation. The fact that our consultation was in English - I’m not a native speaker and we talked over Skype - was no problem at all. I felt more understood and secure then with some other doctor I was seeing face-to-face. 

What happened afterwords was really a miracle. Sometimes I still can’t believe what really happened and how the herbs changed my life. I came to see Jonny with physical issues - and he changed my life with all my mental issues. With my mental issues all of my physical issues disappeared. Not only the symptoms but my whole life changed in a way I can’t really describe. Being a very impulsive, loud, strong, and pushing person - demanding a lot from myself and from all people in my life I became the most calm and relaxed person I could imagine. I learned to deal with myself, with everything in my life and with everyone in my life. I learned to set boundaries, to respect myself, to respect my body and to respect my life. Moreover and maybe most important I learned that all my physical issues are connected to my mental state of mind. 

I don’t want to put it wrong. My life isn’t perfect now. There are still problems hitting me, my life, all the people in my life, my family and all the connected circumstances. But the thing I learned with the herbs is to deal with them, without breaking every single time. During the time with the herbs I changed my job, I moved to two different apartments and had several relationships end but walked through it very calm and controlled. My life still has ups and downs, but I learned to handle it and I learned to solve it. 

So, to come to an end - if you ask me what the herbs changed? They changed everything! I can’t really tell you what but what I know for sure is that I’m not the same person I was before. Jonny is a master of his job and he knows the herbs very well, he knows his job and he became my herbalist but moreover my therapist over the past year. I thank God I got to know him because somehow he and his herbs saved my life.”

Tihana Dragic (Germany)

9th February, 2019 - Lyme Disease

"I'm really happy I met Jonny when I was really in dire straights with my health situation. I was suffering from Lyme disease mixed in with lots of other nebulous health problems. He prescribed me a set of herbs, but to me the most crucial first step towards recovery was the face-to-face consultation we had. He knew all the right questions to ask, including my signs and symptoms as well as investigating my personal history and emotional landscape. The advice he gave me during the consultation was somewhat challenging to put into practice, but it was the pivotal first step. I kept taking the herbs, both the tincture and the powder for about 3 months in total.

It's has been tricky for me to untangle the symptoms of Lyme disease from other issues, and likewise it's difficult to tell which treatments have been ultimately effective - I have also had two courses of heavy antibiotics. Just the effects of those seemed to have taken 3 months to resolve.

But the mindset that Jonny helped me to get into has definitely helped me to endure the worst of it, and to keep on moving towards recovery. Now I can hardly recognise myself from 6 months ago - I feel like a human being again, which sometimes feels like a miracle! I still have some way to go to feeling 100% all the time, but it's slowly getting there. The main lesson for me has been to stay patient - some things just take their time"

Dmitry Ignatyev (UK)

January 22nd, 2019 - Ulcerative colitis, food intolerances and dysfunctional immune system

“Jonny worked with me in 2016 to help me with healing my gut after recovering from 15 years of Ulcerative Colitis which left me sensitive to many foods and with a low functioning immune system. I had started on the journey of healing from Ulcerative Colitis (which leaves you with ulcers in the rectum, chronic diarrhea and frequently passing mucus) many years before and had not had a severe episode for almost 10 years by the time I met Jonny.

But I still had sensitivities to many foods and was getting sick with colds almost every six weeks whilst often suffering from many small health issues which built up and left me feeling as though I was always needing to heal from something. Using his herbs and caring support for 6 months, I started to become more in touch with my bodies needs again and started to make changes to my diet which really helped with my healing process. Nowadays my sensitivities are very predictable and do not cause me so much problems and my gut health feels restored as my immune system is much stronger and I barely ever get colds anymore.

Jonny was also working with me and some other patients to help us psychologically through the use of herbs. During a particular session with Jonny we used a certain herb which really helped me to go deeply within myself and remove huge blockages in my mind which had previously stopped me from letting things happen in flow rather than trying to control the outcome. The experience was very intense and a moment of absolute clarity which I will never forget. Jonny always treated me with the utmost care and respect and I felt safe and able to say and do whatever I needed in his presence. This experience of working with Jonny has stayed with me as a pivotal moment in my life which evoked positive change in my mind and body and I will always be grateful for the chance I had to work with him and look forward to doing so again in the future.”

Emma Buggy (UK)

3rd October, 2018 - Irregular periods, confidence and self-development

“I have always struggled with feeling bloated and constipated since I can remember. It seems like it’s apart of my day to day life, my being. It’s what’s become normal to me. I realised deep down that this is not ideal of me and keeps me clogged up. I have tried some things to make it better. I have tried exercise and all sorts of things but I never seem to be able to move past this feeling of ‘stuckness’. I had a little idea that this could be trapped pain in my stomach, old emotion that I wouldn’t release. I didn’t know why but I kept it all there. A sort of protection you could say.

I have known Jonny for a good while and when I found out he is a medical herbalist I thought ‘that sounds good’. Months passed and I made no action, but I had a feeling that I should go for it. A little while later, I decided to take the plunge and dive. We set up our first Skype session and ‘bada-bing-bada-boom’ I had an incredibly vibrant herbal tincture in my hands only a couple of days later. Made up with the most beautiful flowers and different plants that Jonny believed could help me. In that first session we talk for a while about my life, joys and downfalls. We talked about my blocks and my problems with my health. I felt extremely comfortable talking to him and really enjoyed all the talks we had. I felt he could relate to me and really listened to me. Every time he would ask me how it was going, never failing to ask about something we had discussed before. You can tell he really cares about you and your healing journey and how passionate he is about the herbs themselves. They tasted fantastic and really I loved taking them twice a day. I really liked it a lot.

I noticed things slowly begin to shift. Not so much in my stomach but in myself. Things started to open up. At the beginning I went through a lot of emotions. I think the herbs had something to do with this. I was lost, confused, indecisive, living within chaos, no order or routine. I feel like the herbs slowly helped to tip things more on there head. And began a new flow for me to flow where I needed to be. It has lead me to make decisions for the highest good of myself which is not always easy but it feels like it showed me to dig really deep into myself to that diamond. I no longer live in chaos, I have more peace in my life, there’s still a way to go but I am very grateful for all that is happening.

The most incredible and impressive thing for me is that it has helped my periods. Wow for someone who never had periods regularly, sometimes only one every few months, I am now having one every month . It seems, as soon as I took the herbs it started to help so much. This is incredible because it is so natural for a women to bleed. I am grateful for this! So thank you Jonny from the bottom of my heart. Overall I would say book a session with this man. He is not only knowledgeable and passionate but also caring and kind. He is always on time and reliable. It will enhance your life in ways you never knew how. And we all deserve to be happy healthy and feeling free. “

Mica Sinclair (UK)

2nd October, 2018 - Painful periods

“This year has been a huge transformational year for me and part of my journey has been working with Jonny and herbal medicine. I’ve had heavy painful periods since I first started getting my period at 11 and i thought that’s just how it is. I wasn’t really given options when I saw my GP, just informed to take pain relief before and during my period to manage the pain. When I heard about Jonny and how he uses herbs I was really curious to see how it could help me.

The way Jonny works with herbs is amazing, he really gets to the root of the physical or emotional issue. Over my course of herbal medicine I started to feel so much more confident and comfortable in myself. My body has let go of a lot of tension and carried stress, which I can feel due to lighter and mostly pain free periods.

Overall taking herbs has been amazing and I feel so much more embodied and confident.”

Ella Whitaker (UK)

5th May, 2018 - Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome and Associated Effects

"I really didn’t know how to start this testimonial for Jonny’s work. I am not a person who usually has a problem finding words nor to express my feelings. But working with Jonny is an unbelievable experience. So I think I want to introduce myself first. I am a 32 year old girl from Germany, who has struggled in life because of several issues. The biggest event has been the trauma associated with the inability to handle the abortion of my child which literally changed my life.

It feels like it has been the eye opener for my ego to finally connect to my body and soul. I didn’t know why but I quit my job, left everything behind for walking on the “Camino de Santiago” in Spain. My spirit was lost after the abortion and I wanted to find it again. Before I met Jonny I met a beautiful soul sister on the walk. She is wonderful in every way and a woman with so much truth and love. Last year in October I visited her in Sheffield and because of me still struggling in life, she recommended Jonny and his herbs. Trusting her deeply I had my first consultation during that visit. I thought the journey on the “Camino de Santiago” healed me from my
traumas but then I met the herbalist. It feels like the journey was a preparation and clean-up for what would come next in my life. It told me to forgive myself for what I did and to forgive the people who hurt me. And then I continued my journey with a new chapter: guided by Jonny and the herbs. It became a crazy route to my inner self, my real me as a woman.

Working with herbs isn’t easy and it is challenging as every therapy, I know that because I had one before. But the huge and main difference is this “being seen”. I not only had traumas and a numbness in my womb after the abortion, rather I had blemished skin, digestion problems, thrombosis (2 times), tinnitus and self-doubt as you have no idea. Jonny has been the first “doc” who really talked to me, listened to me, saw me and believed in what I said. I felt taken seriously and his conclusion was right. So I started the journey and took my herbs and oh yeah, the inner pain finally came out.

I am so thankful for this journey, because I am standing today in front of my mirror and I see the woman. My true self. And guess what, I love what I see. My body and soul feels itself peacefully, they are once again talking to each other, finally. Jonny, thank you for being such a wonderful person, who lives his vocation with passion and heart. Don’t you ever think to quit because the world needs you. Thank you for taking care and for seeing “the human” behind “the being”. My journey with the herbs is almost there, and I am looking forward to what is yet to come.

Dear reader, I literally walked through fog, pain and confusion. At last, I am seeing the beauty of life and the happiness of being a human again. Thankfulness has a whole new meaning for me, because I feel blessed to wake up, and to feel the breath in my lungs.

Life is a bitter sweet symphony and I love to taste both with gratitude."

Nadine Dull (Germany)


18th January, 2018 - Addiction and mood related issues

"When I went to see Jonny I was so lost in life. However I didn’t even realise it. I thought things were okay, I was full of confidence and had a successful business.

Working with Jonny has been utterly life changing. With the amazing powers of herbs we have explored how my mind and body are linked, helping me see how my actions influence my health. After 6 months of working with Jonny and his herbs I now realise I didn’t know myself at all. What I saw as extreme (fun) behaviours were chronic addictions and harmful coping mechanisms.

I was miserable, on anti-depressants, skipping all social invites, getting high and being consumed by many addictive tendencies. My addictions have massively reduced with the help of herbs and Jonny referring me to a local psychotherapist he trusts. I foresee a time in the future when I can truly leave all of my addictive coping mechanisms behind. The progress I have made so far is fantastic but I still have work to do with Jonny and my psychotherapist.

It’s amazing how he checks on your physical ailments and links them to mental ones. With each consultation he gives you a prescription of herbs, each herb has a specific task specific to your need, be it physical, mental or both. Each time he ‘steps up’ your medicine, opening more ‘boxes’ of trauma or emotions and taking you further on a journey. He can do things your doctor could only dream of. I will only go to a doctor now if I break a bone. The rest I see Jonny. However I’m convinced with his medicine I won’t be developing any physical ailments till the day I die an old man. I have recommended him to everyone, 5 people have followed it up and all 5 are delighted they did. They all still have regular consultations and watching their transformation is a joy. Call Jonny and start your journey of healing.

Jonny and his herbs will be with me forever, he’s truly saved my life and I believe with every prescription he gives me I feel healthier, happier and stronger.

Thanks Jonny."

Tom Greatorex (UK)


November 22nd, 2017 - Ulcerative Colitis

"My treatment with Jonny Woodall has been ongoing for around the last 6 months and to outline the severity of my condition pre-treatment or should I say pre-herbal treatment I will give a brief history of my disease.

Ulcerative Colitis is an Inflammatory bowel disease similar to Crohns disease but focused purely in the colon. I have suffered from the condition for three years and am classed medically as an extreme case. Symptoms range from loss of all control of the bowels resulting in constant voiding of the bowels with little or no warning, this at it’s most extreme can be 25 plus times per day, constant loss of blood through the colon, loss of vitamins and mineral and the ability to process food leading to general malnutrition. These are just the physical effects of the disease it also has led me to severe feelings of anxiety and even depression as your loss of control of your lower bowels can severely limit your scope of activities and social life as any IBD sufferer can tell you.

My treatment program within in the NHS following a colonoscopy was extensive and I have been treated with the full range of auto immune suppressant drugs commonly used with this type of auto immune disease as well as the use of strong steroids. The side effects of the drugs I was given ranged from extreme weight gain to a suppressed immune system which rendered my body incapable of fighting off even common colds. My skin healed incredibly slowly.... think constant cracked lips, cold sores any minor infection lasting weeks! Needless to say it was a deeply unpleasant experience and finally after some moderate improvement in my gut symptoms all the drugs stopped working! Leaving me at the point where the Doctors and Surgeons only suggested option was the surgical removal of my lower bowel and it’s replacement with a colostomy bag. I refused this option in the middle of one of my worst flare ups where I was constantly bleeding and again making constant trips to the toilet again 25 plus times a day. After all modern medicine had failed me I was really on the verge of giving up hope. If you have suffered a disease yourself you can relate to the feeling of desperation just to feel ‘normal’ again I am sure!

It was at this point in time that a friend seeing my pain and desperation referred me to Jonny Woodall. Our initial consultation was far ranging and actually brought to light things affecting my health which should have been obvious but I just hadn’t thought of previously such as running two businesses and working over 80 hours per week and stress from personal issues both past and present as just two examples. The analysis of lifestyle and mindset before medical treatment seems so logical but it was the fist time anyone had ever said to me ‘maybe working 80 hours a week with little rest is affecting your health?’ but I was never told that at the hospital or even asked about my diet or lifestyle. Jonny reviews all these things and gives you a very informed and neutral external perspective which in my case was invaluable in treating my illness.

After the initial consultation I was given a preparation of herbs and powder. Remember I was off all medication at this point and in the middle of one of my most extreme flare ups so far as I previously mentioned. Now the usual treatment for these flare ups is a huge dose of steroids or Prednisone which caused awful side effects as anyone who has used them can testify and had in the past provided me some short term relief from symptoms. However the side effects for me were too extreme so at this point I would no longer accept them as a form of treatment. I began taking the powder and tincture provided and within 5-7 days I would say had experienced a 40% reduction in symptoms (think from 25 + toilet trips to 10) which is actually on a par the effects of Prednisone steroids and a huge increase in my feeling of well being and general energy levels.

I continued my treatment after this initial relief and have made serious improvement in the last 6 months. It has not been a straight forward path to wellness and I'm still healing. I have however with the use of herbal medicines been prescription drug free for the last 6 months, experienced ongoing reduction in symptoms and progressed to new levels in my social life, professionally and in terms of general health and fitness using the relief and healing benefits from the medicine to progress once again with my life in all areas. I once felt I would be stuck sick and chained to a toilet for the rest of my life so I can definitely say how good it feels to be on the right path and feeling free of so many problems my illness once plagued me with."



November 14th, 2017 - Morton's neuroma, anxiety, panic disorder, period pains and neurological symptoms.

"Prior to meeting Jonny back in February this year I was suffering an array of symptoms including distorted vision when under pressure, shaking left hand which would result in me often dropping things, my legs would often give way which was very embarrassing in public, I had unbearable pain in my feet from the benign tumours I had been diagnosed with in November 2015 and the most irritating condition of all were my 14 day periods. I had the coil fitted in 2013 and had suffered with heavy fortnightly periods for the past 5 years. 

For all the symptoms above I had been to the doctors several times, and have been diagnosed several times with several conditions. Eventually I was told that my symptoms were due to stress, there’s nothing I could do about it and I needed to relax more and take valium 3 times a day. As for my 14 day periods I was told “that’s the way it is” and I need to get on with life. Obviously unsatisfied with all of my health problems I seeked a referral to a specialist. Eventually the investigations I received diagnosed Morton’s Neuroma, raised blood markers for inflammation as well as early warning signs of multiple sclerosis (MS). Within a few months I had an operation to remove the largest tumour from my foot. All I can say is I wish I had met Jonny a lot sooner in my life. On the 28th February 2017 I started my herbal journey and just 10 months later my life is completely different. I am living a life I never imagined would be possible. My tremors are gone, my legs are nice and stable and no longer give way. I no longer suffer with anxiety or panic attacks, the tumours feel like they have reduced in my feet so I can walk pain free, I no longer drop things and best of all we have managed to reduce my periods down to 3 days within a normal 28 day cycle. I am due to have follow up investigations on my tumours in my feet to see if the NHS can confirm the tumours have in fact reduced. Recent blood tests confirmed my inflammatory markers are now back to normal.

I am eternally grateful I met Jonny, he saved my life. I have believed all my life that the doctors had my best interest at heart and knew what’s best. But meeting Jonny has completely changed my view of holistic medicine and the possibilities of plant healing. Thank you Jonny, you really have a gift from God. Keep shining your light in this bleak world."

Kimberley Rose (UK)


November 11th, 2017 - Vitiligo, low energy and digestion problems.

"I was so lucky to come across Jonny when I did. I was at a crossroads in my life, feeling stagnant and unable to navigate some difficult decisions. My health was suffering with digestive issues, a skin condition and low energy. 

We had an Initial consultation on Skype and I immediately felt at ease by his relaxed and knowledgeable manner.  I shared with him my very personal story and felt held by his caring, considered and insightful approach.  As well as understanding my health issues, he also saw me, able to hold and give empathy to my situation. 

Over the course of 6 months we consulted every month and he prescribed a combination of herbal tinctures, capsules and teas.  I was very impressed with the accuracy of the prescription and it's ability to work on a very deep level to restore fortitude to my inner resources as well as its soothing and healing effect on my body. I became more confident, connected to my inner calling and my body relaxed in ways it hadn't done for years. 

At one point I showed my osteopath the notes Jonny had compiled about my case and she was stunned that someone who I had consulted with just a few times had such a complete picture and understanding of me already.  He's a very intuitive, thorough and supportive Herbalist and I recommend him whole heartedly!"

Tom (UK)

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