New Patients!

I am truly going through some exciting times with my evergrowing clinic. I currently stock approximately 40 bottled tinctures, as well as numerous powders, teas and i am soon to acquire a capsule maker to make low cost capsules for my patients. 

The business is growing and in response more stock will mean a varied selection of herbs can be used. The clinic at the University has at least 200 tinctures as well as countless bags of dried herbs, creams and infused oils. So i am well on my way to achieving a wide selection of herbs. 

It is important to have a wide selection of herbs due to the many different physical and psycho-spiritual needs of the patient. Every plant carries a signature or note that expresses its qualities from the physical constituents right through to its folklore or traditional use by our ancestors. 

Wild Garlic, Ramson's -  Allium ursinum

Wild Garlic, Ramson's - Allium ursinum

For example it was always said that wild garlic (Allium ursinum) was detoxifying and pungent in nature. If you look where wild garlic grows you will often find it located near streams or woodlands that might have water running through it. We now know with scientific methods that wild garlic is highly detoxifying for the kidneys when going through a heavy metal cleanse. Wild garlic contains a high number of sulphur containing compounds, including the most crucial sulph-hydryl groups which oxidse with mercury, cadmium and lead upon contact making these metals water soluble. It could be said that our kidneys are the forests or woodlands wild garlic is trying to help and protect. 

Dr Klinghardt, one of the worlds leading experts on heavy metal detoxification, always uses wild garlic as part of his protocols as he claims there is nothing better that protects the cells of the kidneys (nephrons) like wild garlic. 

I have just seen wild garlic poking through the ground on a recent trip to Arnside and Silverdale in Cumbria so it must be appearing across the country as i type. Get foraging!