A Medical Herbalist's Dispensary

A common question when asking about Herbal Medicine is 'in what format do i prescribe herbs?' 

Medicine can often be found growing all around us, even in the bottom of the your garden (Oak or Hawthorn) or that annoying weed you struggle to get rid of (Dandelion). 

My dispensary of teas and tinctures 

My dispensary of teas and tinctures 

Medical Herbalist's often use herbs that have been turned into different forms for extraction purposes and storage purposes. For this reason Herbalist's will most often tincture herbs. Tincturing involves using a chosen part of the plant, either the root, leaf, flower or fruit and placing it in alcohol for a number of weeks. The constituents filter into the alcohol before the matter is removed leaving a tincture that can be prescribed at a certain dose for a reflected medicinal aim. 

Flowers, leaves, fruits and roots can also be turned into powders for encapsulating or teas for drinking. 

Essential oils are made using a steam distillation process that involves manufacturing equipment often out of reach for most Herbalist's. For this reason most oils are purchased from a supplier. 

Many medicines are however made by your local Herbalist using their hands and experience. For all of the herbs not found or collected locally there are many suppliers who sell supplies to graduates. 

At Jonny's Apothecary i currently stock over 100 tinctures of herbs from all over the world, but the vast majority coming from the UK and Europe. I stock over 20 teas, 10 powders and various other products like essential oils, creams and pessaries for application to medical issues. 

Herbal Medicine is a process that involves a consultation before prescribing a custom made unique protocol for your health problem. I use my own stock and offer an ongoing service for treating your illness. 


Jonny Woodall
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National Institute of Medical Herbalists

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