Patient Testimonial: Help for vitiligo, low energy and digestive problems

"I was so lucky to come across Jonny when I did. I was at a crossroads in my life, feeling stagnant and unable to navigate some difficult decisions. My health was suffering with digestive issues, a skin condition and low energy. 

We had an Initial consultation on Skype and I immediately felt at ease by his relaxed and knowledgeable manner.  I shared with him my very personal story and felt held by his caring, considered and insightful approach.  As well as understanding my health issues, he also saw me, able to hold and give empathy to my situation. 

Over the course of 6 months we consulted every month and he prescribed a combination of herbal tinctures, capsules and teas.  I was very impressed with the accuracy of the prescription and it's ability to work on a very deep level to restore fortitude to my inner resources as well as its soothing and healing effect on my body. I became more confident, connected to my inner calling and my body relaxed in ways it hadn't done for years. 

At one point I showed my osteopath the notes Jonny had compiled about my case and she was stunned that someone who I had consulted with just a few times had such a complete picture and understanding of me already.  He's a very intuitive, thorough and supportive Herbalist and I recommend him whole heartedly!"



If you have been touched by Tom's story and want to know what herbal medicine can do for you then contact me at your earliest convenience. I offer consultations for health problems, using nature's plants as medicine. 


Jonny Woodall
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National Institute of Medical Herbalists

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