7 signs you are not growing in ways that matter

Are you growing what matters in your life?

Are you growing what matters in your life?

Are you growing what matters? When was the last time you asked yourself this question?

If you are unsure about this question or connect with any of the 7 signs then maybe the time for change is calling you.


  • Soul dissatisfaction - You have an inherent knowing your life is dull, boring and stuck. You find everything tedious, difficult and profoundly disappointing. You know life could be different but a deep sense of dissatisfaction fills your reality. 

  • Lacking authenticity - You are noticeably different with a change in social group. With some friends you hide your personality in ways to fit in or not cause disruption in social cohesion. You hide truthful information away from people for fear of being misread or rejected. You notice that you have created layers of identity that are not really the real 'you'.

  • Loss of excellence - You lose hope in mastering certain arts, crafts or hobbies. You stop attending groups or workshops where you can learn about excelling in a certain tradition or skill. You effectively stop learning new things and find it difficult to start that process again.

  • Procrastination - You constantly create excuses for not finishing a certain difficult physical or emotional task. You avoid certain subjects in conversation to stop you feeling emotional and create different topics to not go into wounds or traumas. Your home-life is patterned with avoidance of difficult duties or responsibilities.

  • No vitality - You wake up every morning with a sense of fatigue. You struggle to feel a sense of pride in the wonder of life and need a coffee and/or a cigarette to get going. Your libido is low and social interactions drain you. Your sleep is disrupted and energy levels are low.

  • Self aggrandisement - You create a false persona in the hope of gaining power or a hold over people. You promote your importance and ego at every opportunity, maybe even using your material wealth as a tool for proving your worth, yet you are spiritually, morally and ethically bankrupt. You go home feeling lonely, lost and unimportant, constantly finding even more ways to show wealth. However that hole inside of you remains. 

  • Difficult emotional indicators - You are irritable, ungrateful, angry, impatient, lost, lacking purpose, chronically anxious and/or depressed, lack joy, struggle to become motivated. 



Connecting with any or all of the above is a message calling you to change. To become a healthier, happier more whole person. Trust your intuition and feel the longing inside of you for a deep and meaningful growth in your soul.

Chronic disease is often connected to a loss of not growing what matters. Discover for yourself the journey that awaits when you make the symbolic act of deciding to work on your problems and watch your life change to a more positive, fulfilling existence.

If you feel touched by a call to change then search for a therapy that suits what you believe you need help for or contact me at Jonny's Apothecary.....Your new path awaits.


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