Happy 2018 to all....time for intentions

Dear patients, friends, family and readers. Happy 2018 from Jonny's Apothecary. Apologies for the gap in posting i have just come back from a 10 day Vipassana silent meditation retreat in the Lakes. More on that to follow!

It is around this time of year that i like to look inward and find what spark of intention i want to manifest for this year. Whatever theme i choose i will begin to embrace, explore, investigate, go on retreats/workshops/festivals, paint, read and ask questions about. This is usually something i feel needs deep emotional work to heal within myself. Last year was the year of discovering my 'inner man'. 2017 saw me start attending a monthly men's group in Manchester as well as attend psycotherapy for anger related issues. So many beautiful courageous warriors came into my life to gift me support or experience. It is hard to fathom how in one year so much was uncovered about my identity as a man and the male friends that now surround me. All of this started with one spark of curiosity, that moment of clarity when i realised how much i didn't know what being a man meant. Whilst this process will still continue it is time to embrace another theme for this year. 

This year 2018 i will focus on the heart. The centre of our second brain, that place we perceive love. Such a container of compassion, open hearted selflessness and yet so much darkness and pain to work through and heal. For me this year will focus on trying to understand what is within this heart of mine that wants to be heard, wants to be felt and ultimately changed so that my internal and external actions are more heart based. 

I am excited to see what doors open this year for me to understand myself more. It would be an appropriate assumption we could all do with some healthy, bold and exciting intention setting this time of the year. 

Heart blessings and happy intention setting to you all....................


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