Patient Testimonial: Irregular Periods, Confidence And Self-Development

“I have always struggled with feeling bloated and constipated since I can remember. It seems like it’s apart of my day to day life, my being. It’s what’s become normal to me. I realised deep down that this is not ideal of me and keeps me clogged up. I have tried some things to make it better. I have tried exercise and all sorts of things but I never seem to be able to move past this feeling of ‘stuckness’. I had a little idea that this could be trapped pain in my stomach, old emotion that I wouldn’t release. I didn’t know why but I kept it all there. A sort of protection you could say.

I have known Jonny for a good while and when I found out he is a medical herbalist I thought ‘that sounds good’. Months passed and I made no action, but I had a feeling that I should go for it. A little while later, I decided to take the plunge and dive. We set up our first Skype session and ‘bada-bing-bada-boom’ I had an incredibly vibrant herbal tincture in my hands only a couple of days later. Made up with the most beautiful flowers and different plants that Jonny believed could help me. In that first session we talk for a while about my life, joys and downfalls. We talked about my blocks and my problems with my health. I felt extremely comfortable talking to him and really enjoyed all the talks we had. I felt he could relate to me and really listened to me. Every time he would ask me how it was going, never failing to ask about something we had discussed before. You can tell he really cares about you and your healing journey and how passionate he is about the herbs themselves. They tasted fantastic and really I loved taking them twice a day. I really liked it a lot.

I noticed things slowly begin to shift. Not so much in my stomach but in myself. Things started to open up. At the beginning I went through a lot of emotions. I think the herbs had something to do with this. I was lost, confused, indecisive, living within chaos, no order or routine. I feel like the herbs slowly helped to tip things more on there head. And began a new flow for me to flow where I needed to be. It has lead me to make decisions for the highest good of myself which is not always easy but it feels like it showed me to dig really deep into myself to that diamond. I no longer live in chaos, I have more peace in my life, there’s still a way to go but I am very grateful for all that is happening.

The most incredible and impressive thing for me is that it has helped my periods. Wow for someone who never had periods regularly, sometimes only one every few months, I am now having one every month . It seems, as soon as I took the herbs it started to help so much. This is incredible because it is so natural for a women to bleed. I am grateful for this! So thank you Jonny from the bottom of my heart. Overall I would say book a session with this man. He is not only knowledgeable and passionate but also caring and kind. He is always on time and reliable. It will enhance your life in ways you never knew how. And we all deserve to be happy healthy and feeling free.“

Mica Sinclair

This patient contacted me for help with problems with her digestion. Unfortunately I was not able to resolve her gastrointestinal issues but she has felt the benefit of treatment affect many other areas of her health and wellness. Particularly surrounding her menstrual cycle which has improved dramatically. There were many times the patient was challenged during the course of treatment but she responded with mindful, appropriate changes continuously. There is a strength, fortitude and clarity to her life now that shines through. Well done Mica!

Jonny Woodall
Medical Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist
BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine
National Institute of Medical Herbalists

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