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Merry Christmas to you all……

Before the start of the new year the time has come to start an email list so that I can start sending out information on the clinic such as opening times and events, as well as information on blog posts and herbal information.

2019 is fast approaching and even more changes will be coming to the clinic, the website and future workshops that I have planned. Currently the clinic is growing but there is still plenty of room for more patients (and therapists who want to rent the space from me). I need to increase the options and channels of communication I use to access a greater audience and any potential patients who feel that herbal medicine could help them. I need your help to do this so please continue to refer your friends and family members to me as well as signing up to the newsletter.

All of your support, ‘likes’, comments and shares through social media are greatly appreciated and will always help push my message and vision further afield. Any feedback you have for my work, website and ways of reaching a greater audience will be well received. As always, I continue to strive to live out my mission of helping all who need it using holistic methods and herbal treatment.

The signup form will now ‘popup’ on the home screen and is completely FREE! You can opt out at any time and your information is not shared with anyone else. I have also added a subscribe option on the contact screen.

Wishing you all the best for a healthy remaining and meaningful 2018. Use the link below to sign up today and stay in touch……

Jonny’s Apothecary Prescription Record Form and Business Card

Jonny Woodall
Medical Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist
BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine
National Institute of Medical Herbalists

Contact me for help with your health problems and illness

PHONE: +44(0) 7525827558


SKYPE: jonnysapothecary