Why are we so resistant?

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You find it difficult to change. A problem to carry through an action with volition and intent. For every block there is blame. Often this is external. Why are we as living beings so resistant to engaging with things that heal us?

Often humans will always gravitate towards the safest option in terms of addressing health problems. For many this is the world of food. How many people have started to change their life by first changing their diet? We often do this because it is quite difficult to refute that what foods we consume are in no way connected to our health. I mean even the NHS agrees with that one! 

Food is consumed at multiple points of the day, it is craved by us constantly. So of course it makes sense to see food as medicine. 

But what about herbal medicine, psycotherapy or homeopathy? Far too often I meet people who proceed to tell me their life story and how nothing in the NHS has worked. It is clear these people could benefit from herbal medicine. You give them your details and leave a compassionate conclusion to the conversation by saying concessions can be given if needed. 

But they never get in touch. Obviously there could be a multitude of reasons and people have autonomy to decide for themselves. What I want to touch upon is resistance to change. Those people who have the time, money and need to engage in a different therapy yet don't engage. 

Whether it is fear, loss of ones behaviours, or a sense of losing personality and charm it is clear the psychology of our state of mind is what governs a humans interaction with medicine. Not the disease itself. Why do we do this?

For it is at this moment that we realise that part of our psyche will always want to protect us. To keep us free from harm in any way shape or form. Humans have inbuilt mechanisms to learn repetitive behaviour as part of our survival instincts. If we didn't we wouldn't have made it this far. But when it comes to healing this same mechanism which keeps us from harm can also hinder us. Telling us stories that we don't understand what the therapy is, or it won't work, or that if it did work the NHS would use it.... etc. 

Some of my greatest healing moments have been when i have entered a therapeutic space with that voice screaming inside of me that i shouldn't be there or i won't enjoy this. At these moments i take a step back and breath. I ask myself some simple questions:

  • Am i physically at risk of assault or harm?
  • Will i be made to do something that is deeply against any ethical or moral belief i have?
  • Will somebody else be harmed by me taking part in this activity?

More often than not the answer will always be no to every question. It is at this moment i realise the power and grip on my body a part of my psyche has and i let go. I give in to the space or therapy and constantly get reminded at how strong and resistant my mind can be at wanting to engage with a therapy that will throw up challenging feelings. For it is this that is the issue. 

Therapy is about engaging with challenging, difficult parts of you that will be holding you back. It isn't all that fun to start to have to understand your anger, jealousy, rage or prejudices. But this is healing, this is therapy, this is what self-development is all about. Understand your 'self' in a way not previously known. 

Herbal medicine and the consultation process will focus on what difficult feelings or emotions you have and many of us find that far too challenging to engage with. Rather accepting our inner stories that nothing can be done and it won't work. 

Notice this resistance and access your given talent for bringing forth a momentum or courage and bravery at the unknown. Men and women all have an inner warrior that we can access in times of need. Sometimes picking up the phone and asking for help is the most courageous thing you can do. So don't hesitate, herbal medicine offers a completely different approach to anything pharmaceutical.

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