The Crowdfunder and New Clinic is complete

I would like to send a huge amount of gratitude towards the people who took the time to listen to the call and donate towards my funder. No matter how small your donation it has made a huge difference in creating the clinic. In total we raised approximately £1800 from people all over the UK and the world, so please allow me to show you what work has been completed.

The Sheffield Health & Wellbeing Clinic

The view of the clinic entrance with my dried herbs to the left of the door along with the screen and massage table. When i have enough funds i will transfer the herbs into kilner jars so it looks neater and provides easier access to dispense herbs.

Sheffield Health & Wellbeing Clinic

To the right of the door i have the extra stock cabinet for herbs along with a leather patient chair and desk for consultations. One of the new light fittings that can be dimmed is hanging down from the ceiling. 

Sheffield Health & Wellbeing Clinic

Looking away from the clinic entrance there is another practitioner chair to choose from. I have fitted a fridge and more storage for herbs, bottles and equipment. Lots of plants from my home were moved in to clean the air and make it feel 'fresh'. 

The dispensary at Jonny's Apothecary

This is now the view of the dispensary when you walk into the clinic. I have 96 tinctures in the left cabinet and various creams, cannabis oil and other miscellaneous herbs in the right one. My beloved belfast sink and shelving was fitted to help clean equipment.

So far the patient feedback has been amazing and everyone is commenting on how calm and spacious it feels. I have a few more things to do like hang up a mirror, fit more shelves and tile above the sink but for now the clinic feels relatively complete. 

During the build i realised that the original name of Kelham Therapy Room didn't feel good so i have now changed it to 'The Sheffield Health & Wellbeing Clinic'. I have since built the website and so far we have 5 of us working from the clinic - Including a nutritionist, celtic healer, aromatherapist and myofascial release practitioner. I am hopeful more practitioners will use the room and our business will grow. 

Check out the new website at

Again i want to thank every person who has donated money, time, resources, energy or just listened to me moaning about how difficult this was. I have to admit i was incredibly naive to think this would be easy but it feels done.

For now i feel my soul yearning to just sit under a tree and play my guitar..... listen to the sounds of the forest and learn what happens next. 

Thank you with Roses


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