Patient Testimonial: Depression, Suspected Oestrogen Dominance and Post-Traumatic Injury Rehabilitation

“My journey with Jonny started a long time before I took the first medicine. A very good friend of mine told me months before, how great her results with the herbs were. That the herbs changed her whole life and that she never wants to be without them again. But being a very skeptical person in general, I first didn’t believe her. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe HER but more that I couldn’t imagine how herbs should change your life this way. For us lawyers things must be logical, explainable and most important rational. But that’s what herbs are not - for sure. 

By the time I was listening to my friends success story with the herbs and her experiences, I found myself in the worst situation of my life. I had just survived a severe motorcycle accident and was struggling with pretty much everything in my life. I was in a huge deep depression - not meeting anybody, not talking to anybody, and worst of all I was physically and mentally in a very bad condition. After I hit rock bottom I finally decided to contact Jonny because I thought it couldn’t get any worse anyway. The first magical thing of many that happened just within our first meeting was - that I trust that this person 100%. And believe me, trust is an issue with me. :) 

Our first consultation was maybe one hour and I talked like we knew each other for years. Jonny has an understanding and a very good sense for people - their needs and their problems. He really feels your situation even though it’s maybe a female thing. He knew right away what I was suffering and tried to feel into my situation. The fact that our consultation was in English - I’m not a native speaker and we talked over Skype - was no problem at all. I felt more understood and secure then with some other doctor I was seeing face-to-face. 

What happened afterwords was really a miracle. Sometimes I still can’t believe what really happened and how the herbs changed my life. I came to see Jonny with physical issues - and he changed my life with all my mental issues. With my mental issues all of my physical issues disappeared. Not only the symptoms but my whole life changed in a way I can’t really describe. Being a very impulsive, loud, strong, and pushing person - demanding a lot from myself and from all people in my life I became the most calm and relaxed person I could imagine. I learned to deal with myself, with everything in my life and with everyone in my life. I learned to set boundaries, to respect myself, to respect my body and to respect my life. Moreover and maybe most important I learned that all my physical issues are connected to my mental state of mind. 

I don’t want to put it wrong. My life isn’t perfect now. There are still problems hitting me, my life, all the people in my life, my family and all the connected circumstances. But the thing I learned with the herbs is to deal with them, without breaking every single time. During the time with the herbs I changed my job, I moved to two different apartments and had several relationships end but walked through it very calm and controlled. My life still has ups and downs, but I learned to handle it and I learned to solve it. 

So, to come to an end - if you ask me what the herbs changed? They changed everything! I can’t really tell you what but what I know for sure is that I’m not the same person I was before. Jonny is a master of his job and he knows the herbs very well, he knows his job and he became my herbalist but moreover my therapist over the past year. I thank God I got to know him because somehow he and his herbs saved my life.”

Tihana Dragic

Tihana has progressed rapidly with herbs. Discovering how her body and mind are intricately connected. This patient was a little skeptical about herbs and how I work but we quickly created a safe container with which profound changes have filtered through to her life. Her mood, monthly cycle and post-motorbike accident symptoms (there was a list of unexplained, chronic sensations and symptoms) have all improved with the past year of treatment. I have great respect for the courage Tihana has shown in engaging with herbs and therapy in dealing with her medical problems.

Jonny Woodall
Medical Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist
BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine
National Institute of Medical Herbalists

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