The Fatigue Super Conference

Not to be missed by anyone looking for extra help battling fatigue. The online Fatigue Super Conference is running from June the 10th - June 17th.

The conference has been created by Alex Howard, the founder of the Optimum Health Clinic in London. One of the world’s leading clinics for treating ME & CFS.

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The conference has a collection of the worlds top holistic, integrative and functional practitioners from around the world who all specialise in fatigue and the various connected issues that come with it.

I will be logging in as often as i can and taking notes to help with my own continuous practitioner development. Fatigue is often a major symptom that many of my patients suffer with and the cause is always different. For some it is resolved with better digestion, whilst others need help improving organs associated with detoxification. Whatever the problem is i always try to use herbs, nutrition and lifestyle changes to get to the core of the problem.

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