Jonny's Apothecary is crowdfunding

9 days ago i took the step to start a crowdfunder. Having wanted to do one since over a year ago i never had the courage or confidence to ask for help. Fear would always strike me at the thought 'nobody cares' or 'i won't get anyone donating'. Having shared these thoughts with other friends and therapists it would seem it is quite a common experience for people to fall under the weight of picking a financial target and being crippled by nothing but our own minds. You see with crowdfunding there are options that if you don't hit your target you can still withdraw, so naturally there is no excuse other than the emotions of fear to stop us from requesting financial help. 

Jonny's Apothecary is crowdfunding and needs your help

Of course some crowdfunders are better than others due to connections or rewards but the truth remains, we can all ask for help sometimes when we need it and see if the fruits of our labour in our community will return the gifts we have shared or brought to them in good time.

So for me this process has felt a humbling experience so far as i watch the donations come in. It feels my wait to build up the courage to do this was also closely linked with my feelings of self-worth. Now the time is right i can feel it. 

At the moment the crowdfunder stands at £490 with 19 days remaining to achieve the big £1,000. With every donation there is a choice to receive a gift in return so please read the options carefully. As i type some massages still remain at 30% off, an absolute bargain if i say so myself.

For me the integrity and honour of receiving donations I intend to share many blog posts about the progress and development of the clinic.

At the moment the room is almost ready for the next step. Furniture, stock, diagnostic equipment and marketing are all the next stages needed for Kelham Therapy Room to take its place in the Sheffield holistic healthcare scene. The crowdfunder is part of this next stage of development. Items needed include:

  • Lockable cabinets for stock
  • More stock than what i have now
  • Massage table
  • Cleaning products
  • Rug
  • Desk
  • Chairs
  • Desk lamp
  • Indoor plants for air quality

Please consider donating towards the crowdfunder and know that every £ received goes towards the development of the clinic. Herbal medicine is the medicine of the future and now more than ever people are turning their backs on pharmaceutical medicine for alternative natural options. Get involved in the transition and grab yourself a bargain in the process. If you were interested in herbal medicine donating only £45 will cover your first consultation with medicine for a month (normally £90). 

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