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Patient Testimonial: Depression, low body temperature and irregular periods

I had pushed myself to the limits - I had become volatile, sad, depressed and hopeless. Miserable. Really, it wasn’t fun to be alive, every day I was afraid of myself. What doom would I bring upon myself or those around me? Physically, I always felt cold (even during the summer time), my periods had become irregular as well as the fact that I had become too skinny. 

A friend told me about herbal medicine. I was curious. I am a firm believer that conventional and complementary treatments can work well together, that way a person has more choice and freedom over their health. This time, the conventional way wasn’t helping me, I wasn’t taken seriously. That’s when I got in touch with Jonny, I needed my health and sanity back.

Jonny is extremely knowledgeable, non-judgmental, but still firm in his approach. He is what one imagines, when one thinks of a wise health practitioner. Jonny usually explains how a herb works, which might appeal and reassure those who are more sceptical of herbalism. It can feel liberating to be aware what truly is in the medicine (tincture, tea, powder) you consume. 

It’s been 2 years now. The journey has lead me to feel more self acceptance, a increased warmer body, slow but steady weight gain and a lot more happier outlook on life. When my mood dips, I don’t destroy my relationships, I don’t quit my job, I don’t self harm. I am able to put on a nice upbeat song and dance my way out of the blues. I dance and stretch again! I love my job, I am able to express myself to the people around me, if something is wrong. My journey is not over, I am getting better and better every day, and there’s still space for more improvement.

I am amazed by the power of the herbs.

I can only be thankful and grateful to Jonny and the Herbs.

Eve (UK)

Eve was in a deep state of prolonged depression and sensitive mood swings when we first consulted. Her body was beginning to slow down with fatigue, whilst negative thinking patterns were keeping her locked into a cycle of suffering. Not only this, but her periods had been irregular for some time. With herbs and constant exploration of feelings, emotions, past events and childhood experiences we managed to unravel things slowly. Her drive and focus began to shine through the more her life began to improve. Culminating in many powerful lifestyle changes that now feed more joy and passion into her life. Well done Eve. It has been an incredible transformation over the last 2 years.

Jonny Woodall
Medical Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist
BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine
National Institute of Medical Herbalists

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