Patient Testimonial: Absent/Irregular Periods and low mood

I went to see Jonny after looking for a herbalist for a few months.  I'd tried a range of conventional and complementary treatments for absent/irregular periods. My condition was affecting my mood, attitude and skin and I was keen to explore a fresh approach.

Jonny's passion for the power of herbal medicine is beautiful to witness and made me feel confident in the process. I was advised at the start of our consultation that it would likely be an emotional and potentially lengthy journey. A year on I can say that this was very true and I've learnt a lot about myself along the way. I've had a dramatic improvement in my periods and my hormone balance. I've also let go of some past hurts and feel more open to adventure, love and new paths.

I found the consultations to be an opportunity to explore my current choices, relationships and beliefs and how this may link to the symptoms I was experiencing. Jonny explained how my condition may have developed as a result of life events and my attitude towards myself and others.  He also explained how each of the plants/herbs used would impact on my system by telling me their unique qualities. I found this part of the consultations really helpful and interesting. The tinctures prescribed were taken twice a day and their effects were felt both physically and emotionally. I also tried some tea made from a variety of herbs and flowers.

I enjoyed the process of personal consultations and found that a slight adjustment in each new tincture enabled changes in my system as well as new insights. I'm currently enjoying a more regular cycle, clearer skin and lower blood pressure. I'm sure the process will be ongoing and I trust that things will continue to improve for me.

I'd recommend Jonny if you are seeking plant medicine for absent or irregular periods; he is an expert in his work and will support you along your journey with empathy and understanding. 


This patient was becoming more and more frustrated with conventional approaches to her health problems. We spent time covering numerous issues to do with childhood experiences, relationships and her blood pressure which was quite high. The patient responded well to herbs and although it hasn’t been a straight forward path to recovery she has persevered to finally find a real place of balance with her monthly cycle and mood. I am very grateful for the trust and openness this patient placed in me with such a program.

Jonny Woodall
Medical Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist
BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine
National Institute of Medical Herbalists

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