Patient Testimonial: Anxiety and depression

“My first meeting with Jonny now seems serendipitous and has been a blessing ever since. I initially met Jonny when he kindly allowed me to me sit in on some of his consultations as part of my acupuncture degree.

I’ve always had a fascination with herbal medicine but seeing Jonny work really opened my eyes to how these plant medicines can make profound changes in a person. What amazed me the most was how the medicine can have such an effect upon mental states and motivation (coupled with Jonny’s care and attention).

Shortly after this first observation visit with Jonny I decided I would try this medicine out for myself to see if it could help with what now seems like surface level issues. I believe my main complaint was acid reflux and general digestive issues, but through further questioning it became clear that it was my mental state that needed addressing. Jonny expertly weaved through the initial physical complaint and began to delve deeper within me to see what was really going on.

Without going in to too much personal detail, I will say that the medicine did and continues to have profound effects upon me. My mental health has been the most stable that I can remember and my motivations are much clearer.

Furthermore, I don’t believe I would have gotten through my first year at university without the help of Jonny and his herbs. I was experiencing anxiety so acute at times that I felt completely frozen and at it’s mercy.

Jonny will help you in every which way he can, but you have to work with Jonny and the herbs. There is an aspect of personal responsibility/action in the therapeutic relationship to get the most from this medicine. He’ll explain the actions of the herbs, histories associated with them, peer reviewed studies and any other questions you may have associated with your medicine. There is no ambiguity with your prescription and Jonny is well versed in his craft which ultimately leaves you feeling empowered.

If you’re considering seeing Jonny then I can’t recommend him highly enough but you really need to witness the magic for yourself. Herbal medicine has been incredibly beneficial to me and I’ve seen first hand how it has helped the lives of others.

He has helped me to crystallise what it is I want from my life, continually inspires and provides vision for what I am striving for for when I graduate.”

Jamie (UK)

Jamie originally came to see me as a student. To sit in and observe how I work. His inquisitive nature led him to feel pulled into sitting in the patient chair himself and sharing his vulnerabilities. We quickly identified areas of his life that needed attention that he had not quite seen for himself.

His herbal prescription gave him the energy and support needed to make the changes necessary to bring about a calmer more resilient mindset. One that now experiences far less anxiety than it used to. I am sure Jamie will continue to grow and evolve into the man he has now seen ahead of him, the one I could see myself when we first consulted.