Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 7: Heal cancer with clean electricity, unique water, natural sunlight and combining superfoods (2016)

·         Live Blood Analysis – Can see live blood and what’s in there

·         Any disease starts with cellular imbalance

·         Microscope in the blood can help practitioner see the imbalances

·         Most conventional diagnostics are not early they are late

·         BUDWIG diet for cancer – Main ingredient is fat – 2 TBSP of flax seed oil, as much cottage cheese as you want, mix it together.

·         Cancer does not grow in an oxygen rich environment

·         The BUDWIG diet delivers a high oxygen rich environment through food.

·         Flaxseed oil is not easily absorbed on its own. Needs cottage cheese to absorb it.

·         Vitamin B17 is anticancer

·         Grounding/earthing balances the body

·         Cancer needs treating on a simultaneous level with other therapies

·         Optimise the immune system

·         GcMAF

·         Nagillase labwork can show how advanced the cancer is

·         Nagillase levels should be less than 1 in a healthy patient

·         GcMAF clinic was shutdown in Europe

·         Bank accounts were shutdown and lab equipment stolen

·         Hyperbaric oxygen chamber is great for many conditions

·         Oxygen is the essential element to life

·         Oxygen heals us faster

·         Oxygen will stop angiogenesis. It can assist chemo and radiation

·         We are ‘beings’ of light

·         Ultraviolet light RX activates immune system

·         Vitamin D is a miracle for health

·         The sun is vital to recovery

·         The risk of cancer is reduced 50% with adequate vitamin D levels

·         Vitamin D optimises 10% of our genes

·         Conventional sunscreen blocks UVB rays – the healing rays

·         But does not block UVA rays – The harmful rays

·         We need to increase light into the body

·         Chlorophyll is virtually identical to haemoglobin

·         Chlorophyll influences the Krebs cycle by increasing ATP production

·         Magnesium is in the centre of chlorophyll

·         Iron the centre of haemoglobin

·         The body accepts it very well

·         Dr Igor Smyrnov – Chernobyl incident – The water was the difference in whether people survived cancer or not

·         Viruses cannot survive in a hydrated body

·         MRET water – molecular resonance – water enters the body 3x faster

·         Unique molecular structure of water influences health

·         MRET is completely safe for normal cells, but inhibits cancer growth

·         Over 400 studies show the positive effect of molecular hydrogen

·         200 gene expressions occur from molecular hydrogen

·         Pulse PEMF helps heal damaged cells

·         Similar to earths magnetic field

·         Electrical nutrition

·         Dirty electricity harms us – Antennae, WIFI

·         MERT device helps mobile phone, EMF

·         Avoid electrosmog. Hardens cell membranes

·         Direct correlation between brain tumours and cellphone radiation

·         Anger suppresses the immune system

·         Music is therapeutic, increases the immune system