Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 8: Cannabis, nature’s epigenetic switches, peptides & healing with micronutrient therapy (2016)

·         Underlying cause of most chronic disease is micronutrient deficiency

·         Micronutrients – Vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids

·         Lysine is inhibitor of collagen ingesting enzymes

·         N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Green tea, Quercetin – All are potent anticancer mix

·         They are anti-inflammatory

·         Inflammation is associated with cancer

·         Micronutrients go to the core of the DNA of the cancer cell and force it rhough apoptosis

·         Many anticancer doctors spend years fighting lawsuits trying to shut them down

·         Research Burzynski vs FDA (Antineoplaston treatment)

·         Food is epigenetic

·         Epigenetics helps us realign genetic healing abilities

·         Culinary spices talk to our genes and help assist apoptosis in cancer

·         Our bodies are made up of the same ingredients and substance and energy of the earth. Herbs and plants assist us in the same way.

·         Herbs and spices make chemo more targeted and protect other parts of the body

·         Gerson therapy – Raw juices, fruits and vegetables alkalise the body

·         Detox is important – Coffee enemas are vital

·         The coffee enema – Glutathione increases massively by up to 600 – 700%

·         Gerson patients have up to 5 a day

·         Laetrile is vitamin B17 – Apricot kernels contain cyanide which is toxic to cancer. Has to be done with hyperthermia

·         The only permanent cure to cancer is a healthy immune system

·         Hemp is a superfood – It is the most useful plant on the earth.

·         Canvas comes from the word cannabis

·         Cannabinoids help prevent lung cancer

·         Cannabis is non-toxic

·         Cannabis is an adaptogen

·         Mammals have a cannabinoid system and 2 key cannabinoids influence the system – CBD and THC

·         Cannabinoids promote apoptosis in cancer

·         Ketogenic diet = Cancer cannot be fuelled by fat. Remove the glucose.

·         Sleep is vital for the immune system

·         High quality fats – Olives, nuts, coconut oil, avocado, avoid vegetable oil, regulate omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.

·         Omega 6 oils increase inflammation in the body

·         Organic food has a higher polyphenol content

Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 7: Heal cancer with clean electricity, unique water, natural sunlight and combining superfoods (2016)

·         Live Blood Analysis – Can see live blood and what’s in there

·         Any disease starts with cellular imbalance

·         Microscope in the blood can help practitioner see the imbalances

·         Most conventional diagnostics are not early they are late

·         BUDWIG diet for cancer – Main ingredient is fat – 2 TBSP of flax seed oil, as much cottage cheese as you want, mix it together.

·         Cancer does not grow in an oxygen rich environment

·         The BUDWIG diet delivers a high oxygen rich environment through food.

·         Flaxseed oil is not easily absorbed on its own. Needs cottage cheese to absorb it.

·         Vitamin B17 is anticancer

·         Grounding/earthing balances the body

·         Cancer needs treating on a simultaneous level with other therapies

·         Optimise the immune system

·         GcMAF

·         Nagillase labwork can show how advanced the cancer is

·         Nagillase levels should be less than 1 in a healthy patient

·         GcMAF clinic was shutdown in Europe

·         Bank accounts were shutdown and lab equipment stolen

·         Hyperbaric oxygen chamber is great for many conditions

·         Oxygen is the essential element to life

·         Oxygen heals us faster

·         Oxygen will stop angiogenesis. It can assist chemo and radiation

·         We are ‘beings’ of light

·         Ultraviolet light RX activates immune system

·         Vitamin D is a miracle for health

·         The sun is vital to recovery

·         The risk of cancer is reduced 50% with adequate vitamin D levels

·         Vitamin D optimises 10% of our genes

·         Conventional sunscreen blocks UVB rays – the healing rays

·         But does not block UVA rays – The harmful rays

·         We need to increase light into the body

·         Chlorophyll is virtually identical to haemoglobin

·         Chlorophyll influences the Krebs cycle by increasing ATP production

·         Magnesium is in the centre of chlorophyll

·         Iron the centre of haemoglobin

·         The body accepts it very well

·         Dr Igor Smyrnov – Chernobyl incident – The water was the difference in whether people survived cancer or not

·         Viruses cannot survive in a hydrated body

·         MRET water – molecular resonance – water enters the body 3x faster

·         Unique molecular structure of water influences health

·         MRET is completely safe for normal cells, but inhibits cancer growth

·         Over 400 studies show the positive effect of molecular hydrogen

·         200 gene expressions occur from molecular hydrogen

·         Pulse PEMF helps heal damaged cells

·         Similar to earths magnetic field

·         Electrical nutrition

·         Dirty electricity harms us – Antennae, WIFI

·         MERT device helps mobile phone, EMF

·         Avoid electrosmog. Hardens cell membranes

·         Direct correlation between brain tumours and cellphone radiation

·         Anger suppresses the immune system

·         Music is therapeutic, increases the immune system


Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 6: The nocebo effect, healing vaccines, advanced detoxing & going inside a German cancer clinic (2016)

·         The cells of the body are connected by interstitial fluid. The lymphatic system drains it.

·         If it is ‘dirty’ then the matrix can be harmed.

·         We all live in a toxic world

·         Everything is contaminated

·         We have to keep our bodies clean to stay on top of disease

·         Detox! Clean the colon – coffee enemas, colonic hydrotherapy, bentonite clay, humic acid.

·         Chemotherapy ruins the intestinal lining

·         Cleansing needs to happen daily

·         Clean the urinary tract, kidneys, bladder – lots of water

·         Cleanse the liver – Use coffee enemas

·         Turmeric, milk thistle, burdock

·         Drinking oils pushes congestion out of the liver – Liver/gallbladder cleanse

·         Liver cleansing improves liver function massively

·         Liver detox recipe – Lemon, lime, 1 garlic clove, 2 TBS olive oil, a slive of ginger

·         Beetroot is good for liver cleansing

·         Then finally cleanse the lymph nodes – Essiac formula, Paud d’arco, rebounder.

·         Lymph nodes are the oil filter of the body

·         Swollen lymph nodes mean they are doing their job but drainage techniques need to be used to cleanse the system.

·         Tight bras constrict the lymphatic system. Wearing loose clothing is better

·         Anti-perspirants block the lymph nodes

·         Parasite cleanse – Black walnut tincture, wormwood, clove, kamala, bromelain, dematiaceous earth as a flow agent

·         Chemical and heavy metal cleansing – Physiological optimisation, the use of oxygen, reduce glucose.

·         Immune modulation – Cancer = Suppressed immune system

·         Mistletoe – Viscum alba is anticancer

·         Cannabis oil – Used intensively with local hyperthermia machine at the medical center cologne

·         Dendritic cell vaccinations for cancer – Dendritic cells are the policemen of the immune system. They inform natural killer cells to locate cancer.

·         Producing a fever means the immune system works better

·         The demonization of the placebo effect is ridiculous. It should be harnessed.

·         Nocebo effect – Studies show the intention of belief is very powerful

·         Placebo – Positive

·         Nocebo – Negative

·         Reishi and Cordyceps are immune modulators and they bring oxygen into the body. They increase natural killer count by up to 400% according to one study. They also increase ATP production

·         Reishi studies have shown it has huge anti-viral capabilities

·         Reishi increases white blood cell count during chemo and radiation

·         Keap 1 pathway connects to NRF2 pathway which signals to the antioxidant system

·         Blueberries, grapes = Resveratrol are full of antioxidants

·         All of the medicinal mushrooms are immune modulators – Maitake, Turkey tail, Shiitake, Reishi, Cordyceps

·         They are full of beta-glucans, CLA

·         Astragalus is full of polysaccharides

·         Herbs rich in sulfur are great. Garlic has some anticancer ability. But it is a great detoxifier

·         Sulfur turns on liver enzymes

·         Sauerkraut is a superfood. Full of probiotics.

·         Probiotics are very good for assisting the immune system

·         Essential oil can help with side effects of chemotherapy

·         Myrrh is one of the best

·         Chemo damages the brain

·         Most cancer survivors of chemo have damaged brains

·         Antioxidants like curcumin protect the brain


Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 5: Cancer causing blindspots, toxic vaccines, homeopathy & the power of emotions (2016)

·         Nervous system is behind and directly linked to the immune system

·         Brain communicates to the body through the spinal cord

·         Any deviation in the spine influences structure. This change influences structure and the nervous system which then in turn effects the immune system

·         Nerve impingement sets up the flight of fight response which leads to exhaustion

·         Every tooth is connected to every organ in the body

·         ‘Normal’ dentists may remove teeth but not clean the socket

·         97% of breast cancer patients have a root canal

·         Dentists are the only Drs that leave dead tissue in the body

·         Root canals mean pockets of anaerobic bacteria start a chronic infection, keeping inflammation high and the immune system low

·         There is no safe way to ‘do’ or ‘keep’ a root canal

·         Look at the mouth first when treating chronic disease

·         Bio-oxidative therapy like ozone and hydrogen peroxide can help with dentistry.

·         Bio-oxidative therapy involves introducing small amounts of medical ozone (O3) or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into the body for the prevention and treatment of disease. These elements accelerate oxygen metabolism and stimulate the release of oxygen atoms from the bloodstream to the body's cells.

·         Chronic inflammation affects all disease

·         Amalgam fillings are 50% mercury

·         Amalgams do outgas

·         Mercury is highly toxic

·         Mercury is lipophilic and can cross the blood brain and placenta barrier

·         Lancet labelled fluoride as a neurotoxin

·         Fluoride calcifies the pineal

·         Tim magazine listed fluoride as a major household toxin

·         Fluoride activates bone cancers

·         Iodine is crucial for detoxification

·         Virtually everyone is deficient in iodine

·         Iodine is needed to fight infections but it is a major contributor to endocrine health

·         Iodine has apoptosis properties

·         You can’t have thyroid issues with iodine sufficiency

·         Iodine deficiency is directly linked to cancer

·         Vaccines contain mercury, formaldehyde, aborted foetal cells, MSG

·         Vaccine Bill in California due to start July 1st 2016. It sets a dangerous precedent – Medical fascism

·         SV40 is the monkey virus added to the polio vaccine

·         Lancet published an article stating more than half of non-hodgkin lymphoma cancers are linked to SV40

·         Vaccines contain many toxins, germs and partial genetic sequences that are harmful

·         Many females have an increased risk of cervical cancer from HPV vaccine

·         Only 2 strains are covered in the HPV vaccine even though there are many more that someone can be exposed to

·         Over $3 billion has been paid out by the vaccine inquiry program in the US

·         $90 million dollars paid out by the UK government to swine flu damaged children

·         Vaccines weaken the immune system

·         Recall healing helps with emotional healing

·         There are certain emotional triggers and conflicts that contribute to cancer

·         E.F.T. and emotional trauma therapy help release old pain

·         Every disease has an emotional component

·         Fear is the worst emotion for cancer patients

·         Fear and panic govern oncology

·         Detoxification of the mind is vital

·         The body can heal through the power of thoughts

·         Spectographs prove homeopathic remedies emit energy

·         ZYTO scans offer state of the art bioresonance mapping of the body and brain

Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 4: Excitoxins that fuel cancer, nature’s pharmacy and healing cancer with sound & light (2016)

·         Food is the foundation of health

·         Medical industry in the US is 19% of GDP. Most of which is spent on symptom treatment

·         Corporations sponsor orthodox medicine associations and groups

·         Healthcare is a ‘business’. A multi-trillion dollar industry where only approved treatments can be done and paid for by insurance companies

·         Most insurance companies in the world will not pay for natural treatments even though they are cheaper

·         Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is an excitotoxin – can destroy brain cells

·         Glutamate receptors in every cell of the body

·         Glutamate triggers and stimulates the growth of cancer cells and tumours

·         If you block glutamate receptors the cancer cells will start dying but normal cells will stay unharmed

·         Glutamate blockers are found in most flavonoids

·         Cancer uses 2 main sources of fuel – glucose and glutamine

·         Normal cells use aerobic and anaerobic system

·         Cancer only uses the anaerobic system

·         Black beans and mushrooms are high in glutamine

·         Some cancer researchers believe a low glutamine and glucose diet is successful

·         Cancer cannot use fat as a fuel

·         Soy is naturally high in toxins. Particularly glutamate

·         Glutamate is a fuel and a fertiliser for cancer

·         High fructose corn syrup is a fuel for cancer

·         Diets should be low in glycaemic index

·         Watch out for sugar spikes

·         Sugar impairs the immune system

·         White blood cells (WBC) need 20x more vitamin C than normal blood cells

·         Keeping your blood sugars will burden and impair your WBC and immune system

·         Sugar can induce cancer not just feed it

·         A cancer cell has 15-20 more insulin receptors than a normal body cell

·         Black raspberry is highly anticancer (different species to blackberry) - Rubus occidentalis

·         Figs stimulate apoptosis in cancer cells

·         2/3s of the immune system is in the gut

·         Phytoalexins are in red and green fruits. They are anticancer compounds

·         Celery stimulates parasympathetic nervous system by apigenin

·         Foods with a high vitamin B6 count stimulate serotonin production in the body

·         High B6 keeps cancer low

·         Seed sprouts are anticancer. Sunflower seed sprouts are highly anticancer

·         Eating seeds and nuts are full of concentrated nutrients that are anticancer

·         The Russian curcumin = Chaga mushroom

·         Chaga is 15% ash, which contains lots of manganese which activates enzymes

·         Over 50,000mgs of vitamin C can help

·         Grapefruit accelerates a liver enzyme detox pathway. Patients are often warned by oncologists not to eat it due it effecting drug metabolism

·         Blood orange – Full of phytonutrients

·         2 servings of peach a week can lower risk of breast cancer by 40%

·         A healthy human body is self regulating

·         Aspartame research shows all independent studies found it caused harm to the body. All corporate studies showed it was safe

·         It is a carcinogen and acts synergistically with nitrites

·         The largest and longest animal study ever done on aspartame concluded it increases risk of ancer

·         Aspartame stimulates weight gain

·         Sucralose causes DNA damage

·         Selenium prevents and reverses development of cancer

·         Studies showing it was toxic were on synthetic selenium not food form

·         Silica helps connective tissue, skeletal system – use horsetail tea

·         Phototherapy helps apoptosis

·         Hyperbaric oxygen chambers help saturate the body and cells with oxygen. Very safe and effective

·         PAPIMI machine can help with pain and inflammation

·         Nearinfrared light has a greater depth penetration than far infra red sauna. Most far infra red have too much EMF

·         Cancer is heat sensitive

·         Local hyperthermia machine can bring heat to a tumour. Noninvasive and effective


Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest - Episode 3: Cancer killing viruses, cancer stem cells, GMO’s, juicing and eating the rainbow (2016)

·         Stem cells – Cancer and radiation don’t touch them

·         They only kill daughter cells

·         Focusing on one tumour area is pointless due to circulating tumour stem cells throughout the body

·         CTC (circulating tumour cell) count is an effective test for cancer

·         Turmeric, resveratrol, green tea and other polyphenols all have the ability to selectively kill cancer stem cells

·         Organic veg/herbs/plants have stronger constituents that can help us

·         Molecules from nature bind to receptors in cancer cells

·         Curcumin binds up to 100 genes

·         Plant chemicals work on stem cells

·         Berberine – Controls insulin

·         Scutellaria baicalensis is anti-tumour

·         Insulin resistance drives cancer, berberine is amazing for this.

·         Leukaemia is inhibited by quercetin

·         Flavonoids and many other phytochemicals are very selective. They kill cancer cells and make human cells stronger

·         Inflammation is directly linked to cancer

·         Flavonoids are anti-inflammatory

·         Oncologists have no knowledge of phytochemicals. Only drug intensive education

·         Wheatgrass juice - Triticum aestivum is anti-cancer

·         Wheatgrass pulp - Triticum aestivum can be used topically on the tumour

·         Juicing floods the body with nutrients to fight cancer

·         Use plenty of vegetables and a little fruit

·         Liquid nutrients with no insoluble fibre can help due to readily available absorbable constituents entering the body quickly

·         Disease = Toxicity and nutrient deficiency

·         Real food is an anti-cancer diet

·         Eat the rainbow! Eat multi-coloured fruits and vegetables. All the phytonutrients

·         Essiac tea – A cancer fighting wonder

·         Rene caisse developed a tea. The formula was given to her by indian medicine men. It is very successful

·         We have over 100,000 references on how natural medicine works. But no one in conventional medicine pays attention to it because you can’t make money on it.

·         Governments don’t want the population to know about supplements

·         Codex alimentarius was launched to try and limit access to vitamins and minerals

·         Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) – Take one gene of a species and infuse it into another. GM corn is infused with an insecticide that kills insects that eat it. Our digestion, including gut bacteria can not break down GMOs due to their genetic code and insecticide being completely foreign to the immune system.

·         GMOs are mass experimentation. No human testing prior to FDA approval.

·         GMOs production leading to vastly increased use of glyphosate and other pesticides.

·         Glyphosate found in Roundup causes cancer. It destroys our good gut bacteria, encourages negative bacteria growth.

·         Roundup damages the CYP enzymes associated with detox.

·         Roundup is a sponge for removing minerals, magnesium especially.

·         Low magnesium leads to increased cancer

·         Roundup destroys cell membranes

·         Professor seralini ran an independent study for 2 years on GMO corn and rats. He concluded that rats fed GMO corn had a significantly higher risk of tumours

·         GM crops do not increase yield potential

·         No credible evidence GM crops can help feed the worlds population

·         50% of the worlds food is thrown away. We have an inefficient global corporate food system

·         95% of the average US diet is processed

·         Chemicals labelled as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) means they are untested but supposedly safe for human consumption. Over 100,000 are in use.

·         RIGVIR – A live virus that finds human cancer cells and kills them

·         It is a human virus. Not a modified virus.

·         It does not mutate

·         It can kill cancer stem cells

·         RIGVIR is officially approved only for melanoma. Discovered and authorised in Latvia.

·         RIGVIR helps assist the immune system to recognise cancer cells.

·         It binds to CD-55 receptor sites on cancer cells helping the immune system

·         Virtually no side effects and no adverse effects have been reported

·         RIGVIR is registered in Latvia as an approved treatment for melanoma.

Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest - Episode 2: Cancer – Facts and fictions, breast cancer, hormones, skin cancer & essential oils (2016)

·         What is cancer?

·         Abnormal growth of a cell. They lose apoptosis ability

·         Immune system should be doing its job and ridding the body of cancer cells

·         A tumour is the result of lowered immunity for many years

·         Metastasis is the spread of a cancer or other disease from one organ or part of the body to another not directly connected with it

·         The growth of cancer cells is a process that occurs all the time. Cancer cells are created constantly. But immune system keeps them In check.

·         Cancer cells are immortal. The genetic program that influences apoptosis in normal cells is faulty in cancer cells.

·         9 out of 10 patients die from metastasis. Not the primary cancer.

·         The body needs to be aware of the cancer for it to destroy it.

·         Cancer is a failure of the bodies communication pathways to keep the body in balance.

·         Surgery has its place but it doesn’t solve the cause. The cancer will most likely return years later.

·         Cancer in most cases will always return after surgery, chemo or radiation.

·         Oncologists never ask what causes cancer

·         Many patients with cancer have active viruses and parasites. All suppress the immune system

·         18% of all cancers are caused by infection

·         23% of all cancers are caused by obesity

·         41% of all cancers are due to environmental factors

·         5-10% may be genetic

·         Insulin resistance is a huge factor in cancer

·         Intermittent fasting is true magic for insulin resistance

·         We need regular movement throughout the day

·         Media hype surrounds cancer such as the BRCA gene

·         Epigenetics is key to expression or development of cancer

·         You canactivate and deactivate genes through lifestyles choices

·         BRCA genes are actually protective genes. They only become ‘bad’ when they mutate. They are actually cancer suppressive.

·         Curcumin can help turn on cancer protective genes.

·         Charlotte Haley started breast cancer awareness with the focus on prevention

·         Corporations hijacked the pink ribbon for their own financial gains

·         Huge amounts of money have been poured into cancer research through the pink movement and breast cancer awareness. Yet little patient gains have been recorded.

·         2 studies quoted mammography as being no benefit for patient mortality. 1 study even suggested mammography can be harmful.

·         Breast cancer can take 7-12 years to appear in a mammogram.

·         Mammograms can cause breast cancer

·         You have to already be sick to develop cancer

·         The 7 essentials are

·         Let food by thy medicine - Turns on cancer suppressive genes

·         Detox – Get rid of toxins

·         Balance your energy – Acupuncture, sleep, balanced hormones, chiropractic medicine.

·         Heal emotional wounds – Let go of the past

·         Look at biological dentistry – Teeth are hugely connected to the body

·         Herbs and vitamins – Reduce toxic load, boost immune system

·         True prevention – Many other technologies can detect cancer earlier than mammograms including thermography, certain blood tests. All now available not used by conventional medicine.

·         Thermography is much better and safer than mammograms

·         All cancers go through neoangiogenesis. So thermography picks up cancer through looking for new blood supplies. Catching it years earlier.

·         Avoid sugar. Cancer has more insulin receptor sites than normal cells

·         Fix your gut, improve your immune system, heal cancer.

·         Bio-identical hormones are just as safe and unsafe as our own hormones

·         Human oestrogen on its own does not cause cancer. It is the xeno-oestrogens that cause problems, pesticides, fungicides. They all act like hormones.

·         Hormone driven cancers are all manipulated by xeno-oestrogens.

·         Bisphenol A (BPA) is used in plastic bottles – it is a xeno-oestrogen

·         Essential oils can balance hormones

·         There is no essential oil that does not have an anticancer effect

·         Frankinscense could be the most anti-cancer oil found – Boswellic acid. It is effective at shrinking tumours

·         E.Os cross the blood brain barrier so can heal cancers of the brain unlike chemo which cannot cross.

·         Myrrh E.O is also effective at treating cancer

·         Turmeric was sold and cost more than gold at one point in history aka the golden spice.

·         Myrrh clears the body of xeno-oestrogens by supporting glutathione production

·         BEC-5 is a mixture of solasodine glycosides. They are found in eggplants – Solanum melongena and the devils apple - Solanum linnaeanum

·         BEC-5 can connect only within the cancer membrane and gain access into the cancer cells through into the lysozymes. The lysozyme ruptures so that the cells then digests itself from the inside out. It is highly selective and does not cause damage to normal cells.

·         Individualised treatment is necessary – Herbs, nutrition, I.V vitamins/supplements and they are modified according to each patient.


Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 1: The True History of Chemo and the Pharmaceutical Monopoly (2016)

The Truth About Cancer organisation are back with a 9 part film series in which they explore Cancer. I have used their services and information in the past. I don't think there is such an organisation in the world that provides such a vast wealth of knowledge. They are providing each film for free for 24 hours each day over the next 9 days. I plan on watching all of them and have taken down notes to sum up each episode. Enjoy!

Sign up here to watch the remaining episodes for free:


·         1 in 2 men will have cancer

·         1 in 3 women will have cancer

·         Allopathic Drs receive (sometimes) less than 1 hour of training in nutrition

·         Drug monopolies rule the industry of medicine

·         Carnegie and Rockefeller organisations starting funding medical schools and literature to manipulate medicine into the petro-chemical realm

·         They reformed medicine in the early 1900’s

·         They eliminated all opponents – Read the Flexner Report

·         Natural colleges were not discussing and prescribing petro-chemicals. Carnegie and Rockefeller would pay colleges to infiltrate their board of directors in different colleges.

·         By 1950 all the homeopathic schools were closed.

·         This meant only patented drugs were now taking hold.

·         Most Drs have no idea that modern medicine has its roots in such a dark history

·         Disease is now defined as a marketplace

·         The first chemotherapy agents came from mustard gas production for the first 2 world wars.

·         90% of oncologists will not take chemo themselves

·         Conventional substances used to eliminate cancer are cancer causing themselves

·         Tamoxifen is one of the most prescribed drugs for cancer. It is listed as a carcinogen.

·         97% of people using chemo will die in 5 years.

·         Chemotherapy actually stimulates cancer stem cells

·         We now know only stem cells are the source of cancer

·         Stem cells are primitive cells not designated as anything in particular

·         Chemo and conventional drugs will kill daughter cells of stem cells and reduce the size of a tumour back to its origin. But when chemo is stopped and the patient may be given the all clear the stem cells will respond by being more aggressive and it will grow back faster.

·         Chemotherapy and radiation enrich cancer stem cells

·         Immune system is key to treating cancer

·         Average patient spends $10,000 to $30,000 a month on chemo treatment (US).

·         Oncology is very lucrative and in private healthcare, physicians receive reimbursements for prescribing chemo drugs.

·         According to the CDC over 100,000 people die every year from properly prescribed drugs

·         Ghost written articles are extremely common in the cancer industry

·         Pharmaceutical industry has roots in the slave labour camps of Auschwitz and Berkenau. They were built by big pharma – Bayer, BSF.

·         Quote: ‘Nature to be commanded must be obeyed’. Something that the chemical industry cannot grasp.

·         Court case: Wilk vs AMA, 1987. Courts rules AMA conspired to eliminate chiropractic medicine.

·         Hoxsey tonic used to successfully treat cancer for many decades. The clinic had to leave the US for Mexico due to harassment from the FDA.

Organic Red Clover Blossom, Organic Licorice Root, Wildcrafted Buckthorn Bark, Organic Burdock Root, Wildcrafted Stillingia Root, Organic or Wildcrafted Poke Root, Wildcrafted Oregon Grape Root, Wildcrafted Prickly Ash Bark, Wildcrafted Fresh Wild Indigo Root and Organic Bladderwrack. PLUS HIGH DOSES OF IODINE (POTASSIUM IODIDE)


·         Irony of the ‘best insurance’ means all the drugs will be used in such a case in private medicine. The hospital will push for the use of as many drugs as possible.

·         Big pharma cannot allow an improvement in cancer treatment because of the money it brings in. They will allow slight improvements in other areas as they don’t threaten overall profits like cancer.