Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 8: Cannabis, nature’s epigenetic switches, peptides & healing with micronutrient therapy (2016)

·         Underlying cause of most chronic disease is micronutrient deficiency

·         Micronutrients – Vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids

·         Lysine is inhibitor of collagen ingesting enzymes

·         N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Green tea, Quercetin – All are potent anticancer mix

·         They are anti-inflammatory

·         Inflammation is associated with cancer

·         Micronutrients go to the core of the DNA of the cancer cell and force it rhough apoptosis

·         Many anticancer doctors spend years fighting lawsuits trying to shut them down

·         Research Burzynski vs FDA (Antineoplaston treatment)

·         Food is epigenetic

·         Epigenetics helps us realign genetic healing abilities

·         Culinary spices talk to our genes and help assist apoptosis in cancer

·         Our bodies are made up of the same ingredients and substance and energy of the earth. Herbs and plants assist us in the same way.

·         Herbs and spices make chemo more targeted and protect other parts of the body

·         Gerson therapy – Raw juices, fruits and vegetables alkalise the body

·         Detox is important – Coffee enemas are vital

·         The coffee enema – Glutathione increases massively by up to 600 – 700%

·         Gerson patients have up to 5 a day

·         Laetrile is vitamin B17 – Apricot kernels contain cyanide which is toxic to cancer. Has to be done with hyperthermia

·         The only permanent cure to cancer is a healthy immune system

·         Hemp is a superfood – It is the most useful plant on the earth.

·         Canvas comes from the word cannabis

·         Cannabinoids help prevent lung cancer

·         Cannabis is non-toxic

·         Cannabis is an adaptogen

·         Mammals have a cannabinoid system and 2 key cannabinoids influence the system – CBD and THC

·         Cannabinoids promote apoptosis in cancer

·         Ketogenic diet = Cancer cannot be fuelled by fat. Remove the glucose.

·         Sleep is vital for the immune system

·         High quality fats – Olives, nuts, coconut oil, avocado, avoid vegetable oil, regulate omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.

·         Omega 6 oils increase inflammation in the body

·         Organic food has a higher polyphenol content