Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest - Episode 3: Cancer killing viruses, cancer stem cells, GMO’s, juicing and eating the rainbow (2016)

·         Stem cells – Cancer and radiation don’t touch them

·         They only kill daughter cells

·         Focusing on one tumour area is pointless due to circulating tumour stem cells throughout the body

·         CTC (circulating tumour cell) count is an effective test for cancer

·         Turmeric, resveratrol, green tea and other polyphenols all have the ability to selectively kill cancer stem cells

·         Organic veg/herbs/plants have stronger constituents that can help us

·         Molecules from nature bind to receptors in cancer cells

·         Curcumin binds up to 100 genes

·         Plant chemicals work on stem cells

·         Berberine – Controls insulin

·         Scutellaria baicalensis is anti-tumour

·         Insulin resistance drives cancer, berberine is amazing for this.

·         Leukaemia is inhibited by quercetin

·         Flavonoids and many other phytochemicals are very selective. They kill cancer cells and make human cells stronger

·         Inflammation is directly linked to cancer

·         Flavonoids are anti-inflammatory

·         Oncologists have no knowledge of phytochemicals. Only drug intensive education

·         Wheatgrass juice - Triticum aestivum is anti-cancer

·         Wheatgrass pulp - Triticum aestivum can be used topically on the tumour

·         Juicing floods the body with nutrients to fight cancer

·         Use plenty of vegetables and a little fruit

·         Liquid nutrients with no insoluble fibre can help due to readily available absorbable constituents entering the body quickly

·         Disease = Toxicity and nutrient deficiency

·         Real food is an anti-cancer diet

·         Eat the rainbow! Eat multi-coloured fruits and vegetables. All the phytonutrients

·         Essiac tea – A cancer fighting wonder

·         Rene caisse developed a tea. The formula was given to her by indian medicine men. It is very successful

·         We have over 100,000 references on how natural medicine works. But no one in conventional medicine pays attention to it because you can’t make money on it.

·         Governments don’t want the population to know about supplements

·         Codex alimentarius was launched to try and limit access to vitamins and minerals

·         Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) – Take one gene of a species and infuse it into another. GM corn is infused with an insecticide that kills insects that eat it. Our digestion, including gut bacteria can not break down GMOs due to their genetic code and insecticide being completely foreign to the immune system.

·         GMOs are mass experimentation. No human testing prior to FDA approval.

·         GMOs production leading to vastly increased use of glyphosate and other pesticides.

·         Glyphosate found in Roundup causes cancer. It destroys our good gut bacteria, encourages negative bacteria growth.

·         Roundup damages the CYP enzymes associated with detox.

·         Roundup is a sponge for removing minerals, magnesium especially.

·         Low magnesium leads to increased cancer

·         Roundup destroys cell membranes

·         Professor seralini ran an independent study for 2 years on GMO corn and rats. He concluded that rats fed GMO corn had a significantly higher risk of tumours

·         GM crops do not increase yield potential

·         No credible evidence GM crops can help feed the worlds population

·         50% of the worlds food is thrown away. We have an inefficient global corporate food system

·         95% of the average US diet is processed

·         Chemicals labelled as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) means they are untested but supposedly safe for human consumption. Over 100,000 are in use.

·         RIGVIR – A live virus that finds human cancer cells and kills them

·         It is a human virus. Not a modified virus.

·         It does not mutate

·         It can kill cancer stem cells

·         RIGVIR is officially approved only for melanoma. Discovered and authorised in Latvia.

·         RIGVIR helps assist the immune system to recognise cancer cells.

·         It binds to CD-55 receptor sites on cancer cells helping the immune system

·         Virtually no side effects and no adverse effects have been reported

·         RIGVIR is registered in Latvia as an approved treatment for melanoma.

Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest - Episode 2: Cancer – Facts and fictions, breast cancer, hormones, skin cancer & essential oils (2016)

·         What is cancer?

·         Abnormal growth of a cell. They lose apoptosis ability

·         Immune system should be doing its job and ridding the body of cancer cells

·         A tumour is the result of lowered immunity for many years

·         Metastasis is the spread of a cancer or other disease from one organ or part of the body to another not directly connected with it

·         The growth of cancer cells is a process that occurs all the time. Cancer cells are created constantly. But immune system keeps them In check.

·         Cancer cells are immortal. The genetic program that influences apoptosis in normal cells is faulty in cancer cells.

·         9 out of 10 patients die from metastasis. Not the primary cancer.

·         The body needs to be aware of the cancer for it to destroy it.

·         Cancer is a failure of the bodies communication pathways to keep the body in balance.

·         Surgery has its place but it doesn’t solve the cause. The cancer will most likely return years later.

·         Cancer in most cases will always return after surgery, chemo or radiation.

·         Oncologists never ask what causes cancer

·         Many patients with cancer have active viruses and parasites. All suppress the immune system

·         18% of all cancers are caused by infection

·         23% of all cancers are caused by obesity

·         41% of all cancers are due to environmental factors

·         5-10% may be genetic

·         Insulin resistance is a huge factor in cancer

·         Intermittent fasting is true magic for insulin resistance

·         We need regular movement throughout the day

·         Media hype surrounds cancer such as the BRCA gene

·         Epigenetics is key to expression or development of cancer

·         You canactivate and deactivate genes through lifestyles choices

·         BRCA genes are actually protective genes. They only become ‘bad’ when they mutate. They are actually cancer suppressive.

·         Curcumin can help turn on cancer protective genes.

·         Charlotte Haley started breast cancer awareness with the focus on prevention

·         Corporations hijacked the pink ribbon for their own financial gains

·         Huge amounts of money have been poured into cancer research through the pink movement and breast cancer awareness. Yet little patient gains have been recorded.

·         2 studies quoted mammography as being no benefit for patient mortality. 1 study even suggested mammography can be harmful.

·         Breast cancer can take 7-12 years to appear in a mammogram.

·         Mammograms can cause breast cancer

·         You have to already be sick to develop cancer

·         The 7 essentials are

·         Let food by thy medicine - Turns on cancer suppressive genes

·         Detox – Get rid of toxins

·         Balance your energy – Acupuncture, sleep, balanced hormones, chiropractic medicine.

·         Heal emotional wounds – Let go of the past

·         Look at biological dentistry – Teeth are hugely connected to the body

·         Herbs and vitamins – Reduce toxic load, boost immune system

·         True prevention – Many other technologies can detect cancer earlier than mammograms including thermography, certain blood tests. All now available not used by conventional medicine.

·         Thermography is much better and safer than mammograms

·         All cancers go through neoangiogenesis. So thermography picks up cancer through looking for new blood supplies. Catching it years earlier.

·         Avoid sugar. Cancer has more insulin receptor sites than normal cells

·         Fix your gut, improve your immune system, heal cancer.

·         Bio-identical hormones are just as safe and unsafe as our own hormones

·         Human oestrogen on its own does not cause cancer. It is the xeno-oestrogens that cause problems, pesticides, fungicides. They all act like hormones.

·         Hormone driven cancers are all manipulated by xeno-oestrogens.

·         Bisphenol A (BPA) is used in plastic bottles – it is a xeno-oestrogen

·         Essential oils can balance hormones

·         There is no essential oil that does not have an anticancer effect

·         Frankinscense could be the most anti-cancer oil found – Boswellic acid. It is effective at shrinking tumours

·         E.Os cross the blood brain barrier so can heal cancers of the brain unlike chemo which cannot cross.

·         Myrrh E.O is also effective at treating cancer

·         Turmeric was sold and cost more than gold at one point in history aka the golden spice.

·         Myrrh clears the body of xeno-oestrogens by supporting glutathione production

·         BEC-5 is a mixture of solasodine glycosides. They are found in eggplants – Solanum melongena and the devils apple - Solanum linnaeanum

·         BEC-5 can connect only within the cancer membrane and gain access into the cancer cells through into the lysozymes. The lysozyme ruptures so that the cells then digests itself from the inside out. It is highly selective and does not cause damage to normal cells.

·         Individualised treatment is necessary – Herbs, nutrition, I.V vitamins/supplements and they are modified according to each patient.