Film Review: Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 4: Excitoxins that fuel cancer, nature’s pharmacy and healing cancer with sound & light (2016)

·         Food is the foundation of health

·         Medical industry in the US is 19% of GDP. Most of which is spent on symptom treatment

·         Corporations sponsor orthodox medicine associations and groups

·         Healthcare is a ‘business’. A multi-trillion dollar industry where only approved treatments can be done and paid for by insurance companies

·         Most insurance companies in the world will not pay for natural treatments even though they are cheaper

·         Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is an excitotoxin – can destroy brain cells

·         Glutamate receptors in every cell of the body

·         Glutamate triggers and stimulates the growth of cancer cells and tumours

·         If you block glutamate receptors the cancer cells will start dying but normal cells will stay unharmed

·         Glutamate blockers are found in most flavonoids

·         Cancer uses 2 main sources of fuel – glucose and glutamine

·         Normal cells use aerobic and anaerobic system

·         Cancer only uses the anaerobic system

·         Black beans and mushrooms are high in glutamine

·         Some cancer researchers believe a low glutamine and glucose diet is successful

·         Cancer cannot use fat as a fuel

·         Soy is naturally high in toxins. Particularly glutamate

·         Glutamate is a fuel and a fertiliser for cancer

·         High fructose corn syrup is a fuel for cancer

·         Diets should be low in glycaemic index

·         Watch out for sugar spikes

·         Sugar impairs the immune system

·         White blood cells (WBC) need 20x more vitamin C than normal blood cells

·         Keeping your blood sugars will burden and impair your WBC and immune system

·         Sugar can induce cancer not just feed it

·         A cancer cell has 15-20 more insulin receptors than a normal body cell

·         Black raspberry is highly anticancer (different species to blackberry) - Rubus occidentalis

·         Figs stimulate apoptosis in cancer cells

·         2/3s of the immune system is in the gut

·         Phytoalexins are in red and green fruits. They are anticancer compounds

·         Celery stimulates parasympathetic nervous system by apigenin

·         Foods with a high vitamin B6 count stimulate serotonin production in the body

·         High B6 keeps cancer low

·         Seed sprouts are anticancer. Sunflower seed sprouts are highly anticancer

·         Eating seeds and nuts are full of concentrated nutrients that are anticancer

·         The Russian curcumin = Chaga mushroom

·         Chaga is 15% ash, which contains lots of manganese which activates enzymes

·         Over 50,000mgs of vitamin C can help

·         Grapefruit accelerates a liver enzyme detox pathway. Patients are often warned by oncologists not to eat it due it effecting drug metabolism

·         Blood orange – Full of phytonutrients

·         2 servings of peach a week can lower risk of breast cancer by 40%

·         A healthy human body is self regulating

·         Aspartame research shows all independent studies found it caused harm to the body. All corporate studies showed it was safe

·         It is a carcinogen and acts synergistically with nitrites

·         The largest and longest animal study ever done on aspartame concluded it increases risk of ancer

·         Aspartame stimulates weight gain

·         Sucralose causes DNA damage

·         Selenium prevents and reverses development of cancer

·         Studies showing it was toxic were on synthetic selenium not food form

·         Silica helps connective tissue, skeletal system – use horsetail tea

·         Phototherapy helps apoptosis

·         Hyperbaric oxygen chambers help saturate the body and cells with oxygen. Very safe and effective

·         PAPIMI machine can help with pain and inflammation

·         Nearinfrared light has a greater depth penetration than far infra red sauna. Most far infra red have too much EMF

·         Cancer is heat sensitive

·         Local hyperthermia machine can bring heat to a tumour. Noninvasive and effective