Feeling lost?


Do you think too negatively?

Are you unvitalised from a lack of exercise?

Do you eat junk?

Struggle to find the work you want?

Worry too much?

Wish you could access more freetime for reading?

Suffer from a lack of love?

Find life a complete bore, stuck in a constant routine that doesn't feed your soul?

Have you noticed how all of these connect to your sense of wellbeing and even maybe an illness or disease you have carried for some time?

With herbal medicine I can prescribe a custom made prescription of herbs as well as provide a safe space for deep conversation to address certain imbalances in your life that maybe holding you back from feeling a sense of wellbeing and reaching your potential. Herbal medicine and an ongoing consultation process, usually held once monthly, can give you that change you desperately want but don't know how to access. 

Jonny Woodall
Medical Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist
Bsc (Hons) Herbal Medicine
National Institute of Medical Herbalists

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