Patient Testimonial: Help for Morton's Neuroma, Period pains, Anxiety and Neurological Symptoms

"Prior to meeting Jonny back in February this year I was suffering an array of symptoms including distorted vision when under pressure, shaking left hand which would result in me often dropping things, my legs would often give way which was very embarrassing in public, I had unbearable pain in my feet from the benign tumours I had been diagnosed with in November 2015 and the most irritating condition of all were my 14 day periods. I had the coil fitted in 2013 and had suffered with heavy fortnightly periods for the past 5 years. 

For all the symptoms above I had been to the doctors several times, and have been diagnosed several times with several conditions. Eventually I was told that my symptoms were due to stress, there’s nothing I could do about it and I needed to relax more and take valium 3 times a day. As for my 14 day periods I was told “that’s the way it is” and I need to get on with life. Obviously unsatisfied with all of my health problems I seeked a referral to a specialist. Eventually the investigations I received diagnosed Morton’s Neuroma, raised blood markers for inflammation as well as early warning signs of multiple sclerosis (MS). Within a few months I had an operation to remove the largest tumour from my foot. All I can say is I wish I had met Jonny a lot sooner in my life. On the 28th February 2017 I started my herbal journey and just 10 months later my life is completely different. I am living a life I never imagined would be possible. My tremors are gone, my legs are nice and stable and no longer give way. I no longer suffer with anxiety or panic attacks, the tumours feel like they have reduced in my feet so I can walk pain free, I no longer drop things and best of all we have managed to reduce my periods down to 3 days within a normal 28 day cycle. I am due to have follow up investigations on my tumours in my feet to see if the NHS can confirm the tumours have in fact reduced. Recent blood tests confirmed my inflammatory markers are now back to normal.

I am eternally grateful I met Jonny, he saved my life. I have believed all my life that the doctors had my best interest at heart and knew what’s best. But meeting Jonny has completely changed my view of holistic medicine and the possibilities of plant healing. Thank you Jonny, you really have a gift from God. Keep shining your light in this bleak world." 

Kimberley Rose


Kimberley has made a very fast recovery combining herbal medicine with psychotherapy and other self-help techniques. She has changed her diet as well as implementing healthy routines surrounding various addictive behaviours which were impacting her health. 

Jonny Woodall
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