The Winter Blues, Colds, Coughs and Depression

With winter upon us the UK now falls into that time of year when the all too familiar symptoms of seasonal coughs, colds and depression trickle into our communities. 


It is easy to notice how insular our friends can become versus the joy that the ecstasy of a warm summer sun can bring. We all clearly long for that winter break and spring to come round fast. 

Health and vitality may drop but it doesn't have to be like this. Eating healthy food, correcting obvious vitamin D deficiencies and giving our mood a lift through regular visits to the sauna and gym can make a huge difference to our health. 

With herbal medicine i offer patients herbs with evidence and research that they can improve your mood and keep away winter blues as well as giving you more vitality and energy. 

Saint Johns Wort for example, has been shown to be more effective at treating mild to moderate depression than pharmaceutical antidepressants (Williams et al 2000). Liquorice is also an additional boost to the immune system with its anti-viral capabilities, mood and hormone regulating constituents. Echinacea is often used for increasing white blood cell counts (Agnew et al 2005). 

Winter doesn't have to be a drag and taking herbs whilst improving nutrition will make your colder months a lot easier and more enjoyable to handle. Invest in your health today and see how the influence of herbs effects your immune system and mental health. Winters will never be the same again. 



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