Patient Testimonial: Help for Ulcerative Colitis

"My treatment with Jonny Woodall has been ongoing for around the last 6 months and to outline the severity of my condition pre-treatment or should I say pre-herbal treatment I will give a brief history of my disease.

Ulcerative Colitis is an Inflammatory bowel disease similar to Crohns disease but focused purely in the colon. I have suffered from the condition for three years and am classed medically as an extreme case. Symptoms range from loss of all control of the bowels resulting in constant voiding of the bowels with little or no warning, this at it’s most extreme can be 25 plus times per day, constant loss of blood through the colon, loss of vitamins and mineral and the ability to process food leading to general malnutrition. These are just the physical effects of the disease it also has led me to severe feelings of anxiety and even depression as your loss of control of your lower bowels can severely limit your scope of activities and social life as any IBD sufferer can tell you.

My treatment program within in the NHS following a colonoscopy was extensive and I have been treated with the full range of auto immune suppressant drugs commonly used with this type of auto immune disease as well as the use of strong steroids. The side effects of the drugs I was given ranged from extreme weight gain to a suppressed immune system which rendered my body incapable of fighting off even common colds. My skin healed incredibly slowly.... think constant cracked lips, cold sores any minor infection lasting weeks! Needless to say it was a deeply unpleasant experience and finally after some moderate improvement in my gut symptoms all the drugs stopped working! Leaving me at the point where the Doctors and Surgeons only suggested option was the surgical removal of my lower bowel and it’s replacement with a colostomy bag. I refused this option in the middle of one of my worst flare ups where I was constantly bleeding and again making constant trips to the toilet again 25 plus times a day. After all modern medicine had failed me I was really on the verge of giving up hope. If you have suffered a disease yourself you can relate to the feeling of desperation just to feel ‘normal’ again I am sure!

It was at this point in time that a friend seeing my pain and desperation referred me to Jonny Woodall. Our initial consultation was far ranging and actually brought to light things affecting my health which should have been obvious but I just hadn’t thought of previously such as running two businesses and working over 80 hours per week and stress from personal issues both past and present as just two examples. The analysis of lifestyle and mindset before medical treatment seems so logical but it was the fist time anyone had ever said to me ‘maybe working 80 hours a week with little rest is affecting your health?’ but I was never told that at the hospital or even asked about my diet or lifestyle. Jonny reviews all these things and gives you a very informed and neutral external perspective which in my case was invaluable in treating my illness.

After the initial consultation I was given a preparation of herbs and powder. Remember I was off all medication at this point and in the middle of one of my most extreme flare ups so far as I previously mentioned. Now the usual treatment for these flare ups is a huge dose of steroids or Prednisone which caused awful side effects as anyone who has used them can testify and had in the past provided me some short term relief from symptoms. However the side effects for me were too extreme so at this point I would no longer accept them as a form of treatment. I began taking the powder and tincture provided and within 5-7 days I would say had experienced a 40% reduction in symptoms (think from 25 + toilet trips to 10) which is actually on a par the effects of Prednisone steroids and a huge increase in my feeling of well being and general energy levels.

I continued my treatment after this initial relief and have made serious improvement in the last 6 months. It has not been a straight forward path to wellness and I'm still healing. I have however with the use of herbal medicines been prescription drug free for the last 6 months, experienced ongoing reduction in symptoms and progressed to new levels in my social life, professionally and in terms of general health and fitness using the relief and healing benefits from the medicine to progress once again with my life in all areas. I once felt I would be stuck sick and chained to a toilet for the rest of my life so I can definitely say how good it feels to be on the right path and feeling free of so many problems my illness once plagued me with."



This client has made a fast recovery using tinctures, powders and a change in perspective on work and social life arrangements. Unfortunately their treatment within the NHS had left them discouraged and pessimistic at what life has to offer. So much of this work involved analysis of family dynamics, routines and addictive tendencies that were hiding emotions that had not been expressed. This client continues to impress me with their inquisitive nature and an ability to constantly push themselves into new areas of health and discovery. It has been an honour to see you grow and heal. There is still work to do but this person is unrecognisable from the person that initially came to see me. Well done!

Jonny Woodall
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National Institute of Medical Herbalists

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