Patient Testimonial: Digestive disturbance including pain and belching. Cold legs and difficulty getting to sleep

“I first saw Jonny in January, 2019. His gentle yet analytical approach enabled me to sort through the maze of issues i was facing so that the most pressing problems were brought to the surface to be dealt with. I have had severe belching for years. This occurs usually as I settle down to sleep. It can continue for 2 hours and sometimes longer. Although changing my diet can alleviate the symptoms, it does not remove them. That is until I used Jonny’s herbs and my symptoms subsided dramatically. I still experience belching but is only usually now after eating too late or consuming inappropriately sized meals. It is however, a huge relief.
I have also suffered from cold legs for years. The coldness used to begin above my sacrum, spread across my buttocks and down my legs stopping at my ankles. It wasn’t circulation. It wasn’t temperature. I have had this symptom in Greece in 90 degrees! The coldness is much worse at night and prevents me sleeping as it brings with it a feeling of restlessness and irritation. When I met Jonny other treatments had reduced the extent of the coldness so that it appeared centred in my calves. After taking Jonny’s herbs I rarely experience this disturbing feeling now,
As I write, although the relief from the other symptoms I have described has been immense, there is no richer feeling than lying down in my comfy bed, closing my eyes, and sleeping almost immediately.
That is what the herbs have enabled me to do.”

Pam Hardy (UK)

Pam had a myriad of symptoms and health problems that were difficult to live with and understand. Her belching was keeping her awake at night, which was fueling restless sleep, leading to fatigue and further stress. Her lower limbs were also very cold. With herbs, coaching and lifestyles changes we managed to unravel a lot of these problems and treat them accordingly. Many symptoms have disappeared with only the belching stubbornly remaining, albeit only after a meal at a much more manageable level than before.

Jonny Woodall
Medical Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist
BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine
National Institute of Medical Herbalists

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