Patient Testimonial: Anxiety, depression, weight-loss and confidence

“Before I started working with Jonny, I had dropped out of university and generally felt miserable about my life in general, that I wasn’t going anywhere and was wasting my talents, but I was stuck in a rut I couldn’t get out of. No self confidence, unhappy with my physical or mental states, I never really felt comfortable talking about myself and my problems to anyone, so I kept it inside most of the time.

Initially I was sceptical about seeing Jonny but I’m glad my worries were baseless. The herbal medicines he gave me were tailored to my symptoms and changed month to month as my treatment progressed.

Since I started working with Jonny, taking the time to do the simple and sensible things he recommended, taking the herbal medicines that he made specifically for me and exploring honestly the reasons why I think and act the way I do, I feel like I’ll actually be able to take the next steps in life and not just wishing that I could: university, a proper career, overcoming deeply ingrained bad habit loops that stop me meeting new people and doing new things.

Jonny managed to get me to open up about things I’ve hidden for years, things that formed the bedrock of my anxieties and fears. Now, I finally am able to recognise and deal with them as they come up: the habits are hard to break, but I am finally equipped mentally to overcome them.

Jonny is so easy to talk to, I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I was saying in our consultations. It’s not easy to admit your failings, but he has a great empathy for people and helps you use those negative experiences as learning opportunities, not the failures you think they are.

I’m going back to university in September, have lost lots of weight and generally am feeling more confident in myself and my abilities than I can ever remember. I have clear goals and career ambitions for the first time, not just a vague outline of a plan that I could use to put off actually thinking about it. I’m glad that Jonny was recommended to me and I would recommend him to you.”

Chris Meredith (UK)

Chris was feeling trapped with his old patterns of behaviour that were stopping him from progressing in life. He was open about his scepticism of herbs and my coaching process but quickly started to see positive changes once we found what herbs and lifestyle changes he responded to. Chris has achieved all of the goals and targets we set out from day 1, plus many more he did not know were part of our 6 month journey.

Chris’s confidence, mental health and courage have improved significantly. I wish you all the best with going back to university to continue on your new path of success and independence.